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byjrebele, May 10, 2013
I was in the process of developing a new website for a major US entity and ran into a problem with menu support. I decided to give NGMenu a try. What an awesome extension! Very flexible, very inituitive and UNMATCHED/UNBELIEVABLE Support. Georg was all over my requests for support. We are not talking days or hours. He responded to me in minutes. He is truly behind his offering. NGMenu will be a part of every site I now develop! GREAT JOB, Georg!
byjrebele, August 7, 2012
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Community Builder
I have been using CB for the past 3 years and CBSubs since it was released. We are a membership based organization that has struggled with customized member management systems. We converted to CB and CBSubs 3 years ago and haven't looked back. It has streamlined our business process and provided functionality that we could never have afforded to build.

CBSubs is just absolutely amazing! We are able to manage all of our membership plans and upgrade our sponsored membership plans all programmatically. The Mailer function within this extension is exceptional. We send renewal notices to our members 60 and 30 days before there expiration which was all done manually before. Now, we sit back and watch.

If you are in need of a user management database and a membership subscription system this is the way to go! The value that you receive for the price is just unbeatable. Oh and by the way, the support that you receive from the Joomlapolis team is unmatched!

Joe Rebele
byjrebele, August 15, 2011
Content Statistics
I've been looking for a way to track statistics other than Google Analytics and this module fits the bill! I provides a clean, easy to use and flexible means of providing statistics for non-expert users. Google can be intimidating for some folks and this extension provides the means to deliver results that are easy to understand for our management team!

Great and extremely timely support by Content Statistics staff!