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byjroswald, May 3, 2010
CB Facebook Connect
I found this to be an excellent application which allows you to login with your facebook account to your customized website. One little point of critique though, facebook is quite obviously investing in canvas as opposed to connect applications, so it would be good to have a plugin that also operates with canvas applications.
byjroswald, September 23, 2009
Ive found this the best plugin by far. There are a lot of clones out there that do the same thing that Jumi does. The only slight criticism i have is the havoc that gets created when I use the "textarea" tag in a custom made form. Although everything is written correctly to the database, you cant edit the text anymore later on and errors are thrown, because jumi doesnt know if the textarea tag is in your script or the script in the application PHP. The "competitors" do the same thing though. Just a minor niggle, otherwise everything brilliant.
byjroswald, September 23, 2009
Art Adminer
I just downloaded this component and was highly impressed by its layout, but most of all its functionality, meaning that i really dont need to access phpMyAdmin at all whenever I want to edit the database. Much better than the other things I've tried. Havent spotted any bugs yet, since i've only got started, but everything seems great until now.