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byjsanglier, October 30, 2012
Global Variables
Just like Lars, I went looking for a plugin to do this trick and could find nothing - well, except this, of course.

To me, this is the perfect Joomla plugin. It does one simple, useful job - uncluttered and straight forward without having a thousand parameters that just get in the way.

Lars is also wide awake and available and has reacted within minutes to a couple of suggestions I had and is even kind enough to go and see if he can get them working!

Very impressed. I look forward to the new version!
byjsanglier, October 4, 2010
Rentalot Plus
I have been working on a long project and needed an extension that would handle both availability of holiday cottages and add either enquiry or booking functionality. The problems with other components was that they were far too complicated, expensive and left my client bewildered by all the management she would have to do to gain little in the way of advantage for her company.

(Note to all devs - if you have masses of features in your extensions, you may be making the user's life worse, not better, by taking up too much of their time!)

This component will do the job nicely, however!

What is more, because I am an idiot and get fussy over all kinds of things, the developer has been very receptive to ideas and I have watched the development go from strength to strength.

Thanks guys.