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byjscarfe, October 15, 2014
Admin Menu K2
Version 3 is fantastic! Thanks for putting this together!
byjscarfe, August 30, 2013
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
This menu is fantastic, but it's the support that makes this extension outstanding!
byjscarfe, July 28, 2013
I installed and imported all K2 comments into Komento in a matter of minutes. Very nice admin interface with a lot of flexibility and features.

Well done Stackideas!
byjscarfe, July 12, 2011
For such a new product, I'm impressed at what it can do and am looking forward to its future growth. Support is great and the extension itself is clean and simple.

Keep up the good work!
byjscarfe, June 29, 2011
JE Ajax event calendar
I bought the $49 package, including modules, and am disappointed with the overall component. Issues perspective buyers should be aware of before purchasing include:


Slideshow Module Issues:

- Slideshow module does not work in Safari or Chrome
- No way to adjust the order of the slideshow ... it displays based on when the event was created, not by upcoming events.
- No way to limit the number of events to display in the slideshow.
- No way to adjust slide show's overall size in module settings. You have to access the slideshow's javascript file to alter the 600x400 default dimensions.


Image issues throughout the component:

- Images aren't re-sized dimensionally or by file size (slow loading when the slideshow on the homepage has to display 10 events, each event with a 2mb or larger image).
- No restriction on image size.
- Images are cropped proportionately in the slideshow but not in the event list or event itself and are instead stretched out dependent on settings in the admin side, which distorts the proportions.


General Issues:

- No fields for the event's time starting and ending time (fairly common in most calendar related components).
- No option when creating a new field to accommodate for URLs, so users can enter their website, facebook or twitter address and have it actually render as a link.
- No notification when an event is posted if admin approval is required. No mention to the user after an event is posted that it will require approval before being published.
- Plenty of javascript errors (even on their demo).
- Support forum has been down for weeks.


I never heard back from support after requesting their thoughts on above issues. Also, for future buyers, keep in mind that the purchase is non-refundable.

It's not a bad start, but compared to some of the other commercial calendar extensions that are available, this one falls well short on some of the simplest, yet necessary, features.
Owner's reply

Dear customer,

You are not contact even one time to our team otherwise we are give you 100% support to each customer. We are very disappointed with that review. All issue are solved in next version and update to all customer which have that extensions.

On next version we are solved all issue and give you 100% satisfaction.

Also our forum not down from last 2 months. For forum need to register on that site :

Support team

byjscarfe, June 24, 2011
Mosets Tree Ajax Search
Great extension ... great support!