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byjseikel, February 17, 2011
I've used a lot of form building extensions and this one is by far the most difficult and you really dont get much extra with it. I would stay away. Wish I could get my money back.
Owner's reply


are you sure you rated the right extension?

BreezingForms ships with 3 modes:

- QuickMode - Quick results, easy to use, lots of features

- EasyMode - Easy creation of forms, focused on designers (may use html templating)

- ClassicMode - For programmers, pixel wise layouting

About "not having any extras":

- BreezingForms subscriptions include access to all other extensions at, for instance "xForms Display Records"

- Personal support

- Extensive knowledgebase, training videos, best practices and documentation

- Community Forums

- A team of 3 people caring about the project

Sounds like a bunch of extras, doesn't it?

Plus, when you read the other ratings here, you will see that your statement doesn't reflect the reality, so we are a little bit confused but hope you might have a closer look and re-think your opinion.


byjseikel, November 10, 2009
J Admin Mobile
Works just like it should and easy to set up. I'm all the time getting phone calls about users accounts not working because they didn't confirm the account through email. I can simply enable the account on my phone and I don't have to fumble with a laptop or getting to a computer. I would have given it five stars if I could use it to delete user accounts too.
Owner's reply

We investigated the ability to delete users, but plan on leaving it out for the time being. You can easily block users from the phone and delete them when you're back at your desk. The main reasoning is that, even if we implemented 100 confirmation screens, we don't want to hear of any accidental user deletions.

Here's hoping to get that 5th star! :)