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byjsgdmbnhl, September 17, 2012
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I am using JCE Editor version It has done almost everything I need from it. The one thing I realized I cannot do is add attachments directly from the editor.

I would like to have the ability to have an attachment icon within the editor to add/remove attachments from articles. This might eliminate more than one issue.

I hope I have not missed this function somewhere in the editor. I could not find this function in the JCE Administration: Control Panel area anywhere. I did not see any information when searching the JCE Forum. This should be different than the file/media manager function.

I realize there are other extensions that can do attachments, but the extension I use does not play with a different component I am using.

I would give this extension a 4.5 if possible, and gladly change it to a 5.0 star rating if I could add attachments directly using the JCE Editor. It is still a very good editor.
byjsgdmbnhl, September 10, 2012
I downloaded FlexiContent after reading the features of workflow and version control. These features appeared to be exactly what I required.

I am having difficulty with the workflow feature. I attempted numerous times to access the forum but I kept getting a user/name and password not found error. Since I received the error message, I attempted to contact a board administrator, but did not have any success through email. I have tried to contact a board administrator since 8/23/2012, but have not had any success. It is too bad since it appears that the forum itself gets updated fairly frequently.

I did not want to give a poor review, but I have not been able to use all the features in the new FlexiContent because the support is non-existing. I do hope the developers take the time to read this review.
Owner's reply

As you said yourself the forum board gets frequent answers, and when a bug is reported we always investigate it, also most features request are entered as enhancement issues in our bug tracker

A few days ago the forum may have been unavailable for a couple of hours, because it was upgraded to latest phpBB, i don't know if this is related

About customer service lacking, i will happily receive a donation, if you want to make one, but the component is free (and will remain free)

thus you have not paid any money for it, despite the countless hours we have spent on it.

Thank you