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uSquare Grid
Too bad we only have 5 stars! I had an issue with the component in the admin section on a new client's website. I started a ticket and was hoping that I would get somebody in a week. I got a response within 10 minutes! They worked on the issue and got it fixed. It works great, very robust, easy to configure. Very responsive and the client loves it! Should be rated one of the best components for Joomla!
byjstvnson, March 7, 2014
Facebook News Feeds
This product requires you to make an app on your facebook and link it to their page or generator. Like many of you, I am concern when a 3rd party wants to have access to my admin section and my facebook page. This was for a client and I refuse to give my client's information to someone else. Their refund policy is that they have to have access to your site and try to fix the issue before you can be refunded. Not very professional.
byjstvnson, April 22, 2013
Descom Google Script
this plug-in has already saved me from a lot of headaches. One place to add a meta tag for Google?? BRILLIANT! One item the users need to know. When you are putting in the Content for Google Verification...just put in the code between the quotes.
byjstvnson, March 30, 2013
Phoca Restaurant Menu Lite
Phoca knows how to create user friendly components. Most restaurant owners want to be able to update their menus without calling the developer. Phoca does this hands down! Keep up the great work!
I have used a number of event calendar components in Joomla, but this one is the best. It comes ready with responsive layouts, integrated with PayPal and very easy for the most novice client to use. I highly recommend it.
byjstvnson, April 17, 2011
I paid for this component and support, expecting the component to work as advertised and seeing a phone number on the website, I presumed that I would be able to contact the developer. I was mistaken on both counts.

Issue 1 - Their website says that the component was compatible with JomSocial and Community Builder. It did not say that one of these were REQUIRED to be installed for the login and payment to work...and if the user does not use the JoomSocial login but use the Joomla login, the component will not treat the user as a guest.

Issue 2 - The website says that it can handle unlimited number of neighborhoods (cities or zip codes). If you have any number of cities, you have to import them directly into the database and make sure it is cross indexed with the States. If you want to add one later, you will have to edit the entire database table. Also, the number of States shown have to be equally divisible by 3 or it will crash the site.

Issue 3 - The component causes 102 Jquery errors (2 for each State) in IE 8 and the site will freeze for 8 minutes.

Issue 4 - The dropdown function of the region view does not work in Opera.

Issue 5 - When the admin changes any option in the admin section, it will crash the entire site and you have to uninstall the component and make sure ALL the JoomListing tables in the databse has been deleted before reinstall and setting the options correctly the first time.

Issue 6 - NO SUPPORT!! The phone number on the site does not work. No response by email...either that you have contacted them or if they are working on the problem.

I did contact Hasson (in Canada???) by Skype...just by chance and he said that "the component worked right out of the box." I told him my issues and he said that he MIGHT look into it with the next release...maybe in July. He also said that he ONLY supports with training on how to use the software...and that is an additional fee per 15 minutes.

Like most of you here, I am a web developer who has deadlines and contracts with clients and they (as well as I) expect Commercial software to work and be ready at the time of the purchase. Buying software from Hasson would be like paying for a car and the manufacturer saying, "here is your is perfect, but the engine will be here in about 3 months and if there are any other items not working, say...the gas pedal or the breaks...that is your problem...I am here only to show you how to drive...for an extra fee."

You may think I am harsh with this review, then try it and you will find that I have been quiet kind.

I would actually give this component negative 5 stars
byjstvnson, July 27, 2010
This one is fair, IF you have just one downloadable item to sell. The Plus Version (they say in the component) will have the ability to handle more. In the meantime, I suggest Virtuemart.
Owner's reply

This is nonsense, of course, just like the first review. MediaShop already far exceeds the capabilities of many of the other extensions in this category. It looks like we have a few rattled a few cages though!

byjstvnson, July 12, 2009
Vip Portfolio
I installed this module Monday and had one issue with it. I contacted the author and he told me that he would fix it on Saturday. He fixed it, uploaded the corrected module and sent me an email telling me of the fix. It works great now. Some authors need to take leasons from this one.