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byjthm0138, November 25, 2013
I have tried all of the Social Network solutions for Joomla! and EasySocial is absolutely the best there is. It is everything the others try to be and more. It is easy to install, easy to setup, and easy to use. Don't even bother looking at any of the others.
byjthm0138, August 20, 2010
Advanced Title Manager
I just attempted to use this component. Unfortunately it broke my entire site and I had to go into my database just so I could attempt to get rid of it.

Nowhere on the joomla extensions site, nor the main component site, does it mention you have to have IonCube installed and if you do not, you will break your entire site, and have to hunt down what was installed where, just to get the errors to go away long enough to uninstall it.

Expect lots of problems using this addon.
Owner's reply

You have installed the evaluation version - it is encrypted and requires ionCube. This is stated very clearly when you are downloading the installation package.

The full version does NOT require ionCube.

We have no other reports of our evaluation version breaking the entire site. But these things happen - different PHP versions, configurations, etc. You could have contacted us, we would have solved it quickly.

byjthm0138, August 9, 2010
Cleanup for JomSocial
I have no idea how anyone allowed this to be released. To start the documentation never tells you what to run as a cronjob (if using the cronjob version). The product does not install in the format set forth by joomla, and thus if you need to uninstall you WILL get errors and have to not only remove files manually but clear cleanup out of you database manually before you can install the non cronjob version.

I think the code itself inside the cleanup.php file is mostly sound. There are a few bulky functions that could have been done more efficiently, and more complete features could have easily been added.

To sum: The code is amateur at best, will not fully install/uninstall correctly, and doesn't have all the features you will be wanting in the end. I would save the $5 and wait form someone to make a better product.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you didn't seem to like it.

Bulky functions? I don't see how such a simple plugin could have what you call "bulky functions." And for $5, I'm not sure what "more complete features" you'd want. It's not polite to complain about things that you don't elaborate on or were never promised.

And as far as the Cron job goes, had you read your JomSocial documentation and set it up correctly you'd know about the main cron job that sends out all of your JomSocial emails. My documentation mentions it -- perhaps you should have looked it up.

As far as install/uninstall goes, there was a typo in the Non-cron version (the version you shouldn't be using anyway) in the xml file. Had you simply emailed me I would have fixed it for you.


byjthm0138, May 21, 2010
J!mailAlerts could be the coolest product for Joomla! in a long time. But no support, and no flexibility makes the product useless.

There is no developer documentation, so if you are looking to add support for you favorite joomla extension just forget about it.

You will honestly be better off just spending the hour or two a week it will take to make a fully custom News Letter and using Joomla's built in mass email features.
Owner's reply

Dear jthm0138,

We have provided great flexibility already in the product by providing plugin support. Adequate user documentation has also been provided. As said in our Release , we shall be providing developer documentation only after a month from release since we are refining it.

The requirements you had posted on the forum need custom development of additional plugins.. This you can do once the developer doc is out.

That plugins cant be copied is a Joomla Architectural constraint. To overcome this future versions will have support for modules as well.

As for support , if you need fast support via tickets, we have as support subscription available. We have made this product free & community supported via forums so that more people can benefit from it. But fast support is available commercially if you need it.