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byjthunder, April 18, 2012
I had a small snag at the start - typically of new big and wealthy extension. I had so much request but due to some language barrier there was some snag in the support. But, do not get me wrong, the extension is one of the best looking around.

Flavio - the developer/programmer, is very nice and very quick to grasp and fix a problem. He is the guy to talk to.

Extension is sweet but there are few things that need to change or fix here and there. Like,
- Third party plugins and mods from Nooku framework, etc. They need to get handle on this vendor. It has some non-standard method of naming an extension which you may have deleted and caused you errors, and some problems during uninstall. Name in the manager area is not publish and I did remove it once but my extension died. Flavio said that was needed by Ohanah. So I reinstalled and its food again.

But the bottom line, Flavio can fix and give you answers. That is what I want for support. He is great and hopefully stays with them for a while.

I would give this extension an excellent except for those few snags and some threatening words from their supervisor.

Out of 5, 5 being the highest.

Extension - 4
Support - 4
Overall rating = 4

Owner's reply

Hi jthunder,
thank you so much for your nice review and words, and especially pointing us in the right direction to keep improving ohanah and our services!

byjthunder, March 27, 2012
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Localadix Ads Manager
I thought this extension was OK. It installed? yes it did.

It is a customer need that when a new software is bought, a vendor must at least provide some decent support within a few to get the customer on their foot. This is also a way for the vendor to know about possible bugs and unnecessary things that needs to be fixed.

First - Forget about support. They will ignore your emails. Or, will maybe respond after over a week when the fish are dead already.

Second - Some of the setup buttons saved and do not actually work.

Third - A lot of image buttons and they all show up as generic when not in used. Its very veyr very and extremely ugly on the user front end.

Fourth - Forget about your template CSS and formats. It bypasses it and use its own. Can not even turn it off and its way out of style. Ugly....

Fifth - Searching? It does not search the description. It only search the titles. I found out after too many tries.

Sixth - NO Manual/user guide. If you do not have support, at least have the decency of providing a user guide. That is extremely rude without anything. Its called ROBBERY here in the USA.

Too many more negatives, I do not have time to put them all here.

I could have given them FAIR if there is at least a user manual.

Score: 1 thru 5, 5=highest.

Overall= 1.5

Recommendation: DO NOT BUY
byjthunder, March 26, 2012
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Saxum IPLogger
I found this extension while looking for something related to it. But, this is awesome.

The only problem I have and I hope it can be implemented next release is filtering of Blacklist and No logging list. Maybe Blacklist is not a must since there are a lot of those extension to use, but ability to NOT to log block of IP's is really important. For example, google which is clogging my logs. Most of those crawlers should be filterable and no logs.

Great extension.... !!!
Owner's reply

Please check version 3.1 for blacklist and list of IPs not to log

byjthunder, March 6, 2012
Force Password Change
I like this extension and it does what I really wanted but, there is one thing I need for it to do.

It forces users to fill out the user profile, but it has no option to logout. Users can not logout if they dont want to fill out the form. Instead they have to exit out from the page. The logout button has to be active to give them the opportunity to leave at that time and maybe with an XXX number of day, update it, if not, application will delete the user from database.

Then, that would be an perfect extension.
byjthunder, March 2, 2012
How do you make money when all of your very very good extensions are all FREE. You are one of a kind of open dev. I salute you for all your hard work.

Will use your donate button later as soon as I get the next paycheck.
Owner's reply

How do I make money... Well, I don't - not from free extensions anyway.

Most of these extensions were built for my clients. Because they opted to NOT purchase full rights, I released them for free. So my clients paid me to create them, but they didn't pay to own them.

There are several extensions I've created that are, sadly, not mine to give away anymore.

byjthunder, February 21, 2012
This is the first one I marked with Excellent support.

Its very simple interface got me excited on this extension and so easy to configure. Simple, Easy and uncomplicated for both users and admin.

For $10, for a full version and support, what more can you ask for. This is a great almost free bee I think compared to most rip offs in you where they are. Its a good program and has excellent potential. Eric is so great and very responsive. Hopefully, we can expand on this extension to be a major force in booking system. I'd say, move over guys ... !

A few modules are probably required to make it friendlier for the front end users.
byjthunder, February 14, 2012
Simple Random Quotes
I used this extension but quite a few times the site where it is hosted do not work. I only have 3 local quotes. I liked their quotes though. Another problem is, it is hosting up my web connection. Because probably that host is too slow or not working all the time, joomla waits for the timer and then the local quotes shoots up. Sorry, but had to deinstall it for the time being but I loved the quotes though don't get me wrong..
byjthunder, January 25, 2012
Flexi Contact
Having no Forum to find out more about issues is not helping.

1. The send button is not supposed to be enabled if checkbox / captcha images are not selected. But it is always enabled but no action if clicked. Once clicked, send button works.

2. The autofill fields are not locked. User can easily remove and replace it with something else not authorized.

3. The Send Button does not disable if checkbox / image not selected which is supposed to be per manual. No action nor message if clicked unless checkbox and image checked.