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byjuanjose0719, January 21, 2013
Thanks a lot for this Component, just what I was looking for :)
byjuanjose0719, December 11, 2012
Is free and does not have links redirecting to other sites, very honest.
byjuanjose0719, November 18, 2012
Nice Social Bookmark
Just bear in mind that you shall not put https: when setting up, out of that works really nice.
byjuanjose0719, October 31, 2012
Twitter DETC
Yes is clean, easy to install but there is always a backlink pointing to some dentist or gas company, should be stated before downloaded.
byjuanjose0719, April 5, 2012
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I just jumped to Joola 2.5 and started to teach my self again, do you want to avoid the headache of having to switch from tinyMCE to None just to insert a video from Joomla? install JCE, way better than having to buy tylenol. Thank you guys!
byjuanjose0719, August 25, 2011
Flexi Contact
I´ve been fighting with forms for 3 long days now, most of them had conflict with a chat module in javascript, finally this one worked just fine, thanks.