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byjugmk, June 11, 2014
All configured and installed in super fast time.

I cannot see how you could have something go wrong with this component - unless you have something wrong with your server or Twitter.

All as it should be with well planned features and faultless operation.

Pleasure to use so many thanks,

Save bundles of time using this quality effort and excellent concept.

This is a new component so some things will not be 100%.

Author website also looks new with some issues when communicating with author.

Not very much documentation exists.

Don't let any of this put you off as it is clear to me that this author knows how to put things together and make them work.

Think about what this author has done, for free, for you:

***** Your components given a maintainable head start using Joomla! standards and a regular pattern of code *****


This should be a massive help to the community at large.

Keep up the good work and many thanks for your efforts,

Owner's reply

Thank you very much :)

This component is constantly evolving. I am working on a documentation.
Contact me if you find an error.

ARI Cloud Carousel
I wanted a module which could speed up the website and keep it lean of photo bloating download problems. SEO fast loading pages with compact and easy display for a photographer. This module is going to have a hard life with many pictures so it has to be good.

I tried some of the others and they all simply looked bad with few options.

The new website is a rush job after another hosting supplier had a crash on their servers. It's a WordPress to Joomla+EasyBlog conversion.

Everything works well and then we hit the problem of what to do with the photos under real life editing. This module solves the problem for me.

I would like one feature: integration into EasyBlog. Each blog entry can be associated with a directory perhaps by the ID number of the blog. The photos can then be picked-up by a sub-directory of the images folder.

I could then just say to the photographer: Go populate your associated media blog sub-directory and the photo display will just work in the module position you want in the blog.

I may well code this myself but I would like any such code to be feed back in to this module.

The is a total dream to implement for almost any level of Joomla novice. I do develop my own plugin modules and can appreciate the quality.

Many thanks for GPL on this module.