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ARI Cloud Carousel
I wanted a module which could speed up the website and keep it lean of photo bloating download problems. SEO fast loading pages with compact and easy display for a photographer. This module is going to have a hard life with many pictures so it has to be good.

I tried some of the others and they all simply looked bad with few options.

The new website is a rush job after another hosting supplier had a crash on their servers. It's a WordPress to Joomla+EasyBlog conversion.

Everything works well and then we hit the problem of what to do with the photos under real life editing. This module solves the problem for me.

I would like one feature: integration into EasyBlog. Each blog entry can be associated with a directory perhaps by the ID number of the blog. The photos can then be picked-up by a sub-directory of the images folder.

I could then just say to the photographer: Go populate your associated media blog sub-directory and the photo display will just work in the module position you want in the blog.

I may well code this myself but I would like any such code to be feed back in to this module.

The is a total dream to implement for almost any level of Joomla novice. I do develop my own plugin modules and can appreciate the quality.

Many thanks for GPL on this module.