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byjuicyfruit, December 3, 2009
The BEST application builder component for Joomla.

They should adopt this for core joomla if fabrik agrees to it.

If you have tried using drupal cck, views to get anything FINISHED, you will instantly know how good Fabrik is.

Its a combination of drupal ck, views, notifications, rules, theming all rolled into one workflow. So once you have finished one workflow from Fabrik, its deployable, DONE!

Fabrik is intuitive.

Fabrik provides an END-to-END closed loop to develop and deliver a working application.

But the best thing is, Fabrik has a fantastic supportive community. Open source software without any assistance is like looking at 1000s of lines of code all by yourself and trying to workout what the other guy was thinking when he/she wrote it.

For a tip, get the bronze membership, it is well worth it, and helps the developers make this product even better.

Enjoy Fabrik, I do.
byjuicyfruit, December 9, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
I found the component easy to use.

I also found the component very comphrensive.

You can the Mike Reumer is passionate about creating many usefuls things with the google maps api and exposes them in a easy to use "no brainer" format to us.

Well Done Mike.

Thanks for a great component.