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byjuldet, June 27, 2013
I've had three other twitter feed extensions fail, particularly after Twitter changed something in early June 2013. This one works great.
Thank you!!
byjuldet, July 28, 2011
Everything works fine except that occasionally the slideshow does not load in Chrome. I have to empty my cache and then it works again. Any suggestions?
I have different showplus slideshows on different pages. If one doesn't work they all don't work. If one works they all work.
Owner's reply

This phenomenon is most likely not specific to showplus but to particular versions of Joomla/MooTools or other extensions showplus is used in conjunction with; I am afraid it is not possible to give a simple "canned" suggestion that fits all cases. In general, it is best to contact the extension developer directly (see Support button), a review does not expose your e-mail to the listing owner and it is not possible to contact you for details. (As a bonus, you get a much faster reply by contacting the developer directly; it takes time before your review is approved and exposed to the listing owner, whereas an e-mail lands directly in the developer's mailbox.)