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byjuniorbigo, July 19, 2014
Multi usergroup registration
Excellent, must have. fills the gap of a much wanted functionality. Easy to use and small.
byjuniorbigo, July 3, 2014
Mootools Enabler/Disabler
Great, handy plugin.
I was trying to unset(...); mootools on my template, but it was being added again buy some extension's helper.
Tried the plugin and job was done.
Maybe a feature request would be the ability to also disable the system's jquery-migrate and system's jquery.min.

Perfect so far.
Thanks for the work
byjuniorbigo, July 10, 2013
It has got to be the best extension I have seen for joomla (I have being using joomla for 3/4 years).
I think the biggest difference to me beetween other CCK is that Fieldsattach makes use of what is already there, THE COM_CONTENT/ARTILES and CATEGORIES. Iy is perfect, in reality most users want something simple and straight forward. So rather than saying, got to articles to edit the text, go to component/gallery to edit the gallery, etc. Now it is all in one place. PERFECT! 10starts for just following the logic.