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byjus8541, May 15, 2013
Import for K2
As a Joomla Programmer since 2008, I've dealt with a lot. SOBI2 was my choice for Directory databases but SOBIPro for Joomla 2.5 has given me nothing but headaches because of the slow release of necessary tools that were available for SOBI2. This Import Tool for K2 gave me the capability I needed to make business directories with K2 far superior to SOBI Pro and upset for paying constant subscriptions to their site when all I needed to pay was 2 Euros!!!! Like seriously??? Good work done here and keep it up!!!!
byjus8541, April 4, 2013
I have used this plugin for a while now and absolutely love it, as do my clients I set it up for. As for "rwickham" complaint... "Do you really install a new plugin on all your 50 websites before testing it???" The switch out of the images is super easy. Just unzip the Plugin folder switch out the images in the images folder with your Favicon and Mobile Icons. Also change out the Screen start up images "Great place to have an Advertisement... Say Whaaaa..." Re Zip the file and upload to your website. I customize all the images for each individual website. Kudos to the developer!
byjus8541, October 17, 2012
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First, I don't know where the reviews from this component are coming from, but any review without a pic should be considered bogus... As for this component, it is FAR from a commercial release. It should be considered a Beta release as it is way too buggy to use on a production site. I was very pleased that I used it on a fresh TEST site to realize it was not going to accomplish my 'basic' needs for an auction style website.

One simple problem I had with this component is that I could not add a product from the front end. Every time I typed into the text fields (like my email address) my info would erase before I could save it.

This component is a fine reason on why we should have an option to try before we buy an extension...
byjus8541, August 5, 2012
Fantastic component, fantastic support. I needed support on an issue and the support team at CRMery was on top of it! The component is one of a kind and a MUST HAVE for any business with a Joomla website. If you are in business, then you are in SALES. This component makes it easy for your team to manage sales team. Most importantly, it is done from the front-end and it EASY to use. I have worked with sugarcrm a couple years ago before it went commercially oriented, then switched to vTiger which has excellent integration with Joomla, BUT vTiger is a little TOO difficult for beginners to learn in my own opinion. CRMery, is mobile, has different levels for sales team members and is intgrated directly with the Joomla website system making it the best sales management solution currently available. It does have a hefty price tag, but in the end your sales will overcome that intitial cost quickly.
byjus8541, February 1, 2012
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I give this component an excellent rating because it does what it says and rather easily. If you are trying to mobile optimize your Jomsocial network, this is it. Personally I would prefer a slim template to place in the Jomsocial templates folder, but there have been many issues accomplishing that. The jquery that is included in this component make it work impressively well on mobile devices. Thanks Mojoom!

As a final note: this is the best alternative to iJoomer because:
1. iJoomer is only in iTunes.
2. Updating through iTunes is a pain (I have 3 apps in iTunes currently)
3. The Mojoom Component is available on all mobile devices with instant updates without having to update through Google or Apple-> BONUS

Drawback: They used a Wordpress site to deliver this component, so it ended up taking me several days to get the component because the eCommerce failed on WP. Come on Mojoom, how could you disgrace this great JOOMLA! component with a WP site? (I did not deduct rating for their WP site, but probably should have :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for nice feedback for moJOOM.

We have solved the download issues on website and now you can easily download the extension and access support center.

For us Wordpress and Joomla both are powerful platform and we uses them as per the need of hour.

By the way we are big Joomla fans :)

I would be so frustrated if it were not for this plugin. Many times when developing a website on a localhost, I dive into the php files and have to make some tweaks and refresh pages. When doing this, nothing use to bug me more than to go back to the admin tab and save a page only to see the login again. This is a great plugin and I give it 2 thumbs up and great work guys!!!!