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byjustanotherkenny, March 15, 2012
Saxum IPLogger
Not only is this extension awesome, but the Owner /developer is very very helpful. I had 2 minor issues, (my bad, nothing wrong with the extension) and emailed him, I got a responses right away and he guided me. Being a "non-ommercial" /free extension I wasn't expecting a reply / support in such a short time, but I was pleasently surprised. Product = Top Notch ...Service = Top Notch !! Kudos to both, the Product and the Developer /owner
byjustanotherkenny, June 3, 2011
Nice Job, Love it ..Keep up the Good Work !
byjustanotherkenny, May 13, 2011
Page Peel Banner
Hat's off ...!! This little module does wonders to the site ...Very Neat, Very Nice ...!!!
byjustanotherkenny, April 24, 2011
Simple, Great, well designed, and it works !! I had installed a few date and time Modules, from others, but I wasn't satisfied. Nothing beats this one !! On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 being very very Bad, and 10 being Excellent, I'd rate this module as a 10 **** EXCELLENT ***