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byjustbane, April 20, 2013
This package is quite powerful for creating somewhat complicated applications within Joomla! Without a doubt it is one of the more advanced plugins for creating plugins.

However being a developer. I was quite disappointed by the update/maintenance of the code. Once this is installed in your Joomla install - there is no updating it using Joomla. The developers recommend using git to do updates. I have followed their update procedures as closely as I could - searched forever in the user forums... each time i did the update according to their procedures. The Joomla install was either hosed OR I downloaded a larger set of bugs.

Is this a powerful package? yes absolutely. Would I ever use it in a production environment? Absolutely not.
Owner's reply

Just to clarify, official point releases are available via the Joomla updater. But if there are fixes in the github repository then these need to be applied manually. We have a detailed out line of upgrading code via github - If you are updating from the repository then you must expect potential bugs, as its a work in progress towards a point release. I find it rather unfair to advise users not to use Fabrik in a production environment due to the troubles you had updating.