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Weever Apps
This component is good, it looks great and it easily has the most potential out of all the mobile choices for !Joomla I've seen. It does look and act like a mobile app and it translate your site beautifully to a mobile device. The support is pretty good too.

The only problems, and these may be big for some, and what keeps this from being a great component are several things.

1) They don't allow comments in articles. They strip a lot of code out of articles which include any commenting system you have. This is a major loss for most bloggers who rely on user input.

2) The app is very slow sometimes and pages sometimes even hang without ever loading

3) The app also strips out any videos you may have in your article and as we know many articles you write are based on the video you place within.

Overall review: For a paid component, these simple fixes should be addressed and if corrected/added it would completely blow the competition away. If I'm going to pay 40 dollars a month it should be able to do what a free component does and more.
byjustice, May 16, 2012
I have never given an extension this low of a rating, however this component is very frustrating. It's VERY buggy and there is virtually NO support for it. You can leave a request in the forums of their site but you'll be lucky if you ever get an answer. After going through the motions with this component I cannot log into the back end (administrator) side of the new 2.5 install. No one seems to know the answer to this so basically this component is useless.

Joomla should have a much better way for us to migrate over to 2.5. I'm completely lost on how I'm going to do this. This certainly is no help whatsoever
byjustice, March 26, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
This module save me time and effort and it's simply spectacular! I can't believe that this is free! This beats all of the paid versions of modules in this category! Not only does it look nice but it doesn't conflict with any other script on your site. Even the simple modules in this category does and this one is flash and it doesn't conflict. If you want a stylish, gorgeous yet simple module FOR FREE no less then look no further.