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byjustinw1970, January 6, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Uber Wow. Quite simply astounding. An exemplary product that highlights everything amazing about Joomla. It works, it is well documented, well supported, remarkably easy to use and quite frankly one of my most favorite extensions. I know that in the years to come this will become like one of my best friends! A thousand thanks to the developers. I doff my proverbial hat to you many times over!!
byjustinw1970, January 1, 2009
Pretty good. Managed to get galleries I was happy with quickly. My only comment is that it is a shame that I can't get more sophisticated sub gallery structures. However I am happy with this and it will be my gallery component for the forseeable future on our online magazine. I hope the developers find time to continue working on this to make it everything it can be. I am particularly pleased with the integrated commenting facility with this gallery.
byjustinw1970, December 31, 2008
This is a very useful tool to provide comments for your website and as a free option it is completely without par. Setting up is not nearly as complicated as some of the other reviewers would have you believe. I had this up and running as I wanted it work within 20 minutes. Just follow the instructions.

The only thing that would make it better is if the comments were collapsed which I believe is on the to do list for further articles. Thank you though it does almost exactly what I want and I am very pleased with the component and plug in. Haven't used the module yet but suspect I will want to if and when people start commenting on my articles!
byjustinw1970, December 31, 2008
Global News
This is an absolutely first rate component from the guys who brought us xmap. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and am truly happy to have found it! Works exactly as one would hope and having tried a number of other extensions before this one I can safely say hand on heart that I can recommend this one wholeheartedly!
byjustinw1970, December 31, 2008
This was so nearly what I needed but unfortunately there was no way to hide the section and category label that I was looking for. Thanks so much though, I can see how this will be really useful for lots of other people. Would be awesome if that could be included. I saw it was a requested feature so I hope it will be included!
byjustinw1970, December 19, 2008
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
If only all plugins were so simple. So pleased to have analytics on my joomla site now! Was an absolute snap to install. Analytics now working like a dream. Many thanks!
byjustinw1970, December 16, 2008
Newsletter Subscriber
I liked this. Very simple.. Just what I needed. I guess if the site works I may have to upgrade to something more sophisticated. But for our beta version it was great. I had to have this on a bilingual site and didnt know how or if it would work with Joomfish so I just editted the plugin and installed it twice. Just the job for a simple newsletter subscription. Thanks so much!