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byjustlovejoomla, March 28, 2011
shoutcast mini radio
Module Works out of the box as they say and when I had some trouble working out source, the developer got back to me rapidly to help me out.

For anyone else having trouble finding source:
If you download the pls file from shoutcast and open it with a text editor it displays the source (url and port)
byjustlovejoomla, October 15, 2010
Page Scroller
Simple & Effective - works well and offers choice of either an image or text of your choice(e.g. "go to top")
byjustlovejoomla, April 30, 2010
I'm very happy with this - I've customised it to allow for up to 10 feeds - if you want a copy - just contact me
byjustlovejoomla, July 5, 2009
I was failing to get a redirect working in htaccess and thought I'd give this a shot - it actaully took me a little work to sort through - but now really doign teh job

To redirect one article page to another url

put the from address as:
this covers all instances of the article ( I think! - change 7 to your article number.....)

to address I used:
(but just put entire url I think)

byjustlovejoomla, April 18, 2009
Dinamod Tab Modules
Excellent - works - easy to set up - really cutomisable - worked in IE6 - had to adjust css (just put a width in my template's css, in this case) - but no more trouble than IE6 is usually

Thanks to developers
byjustlovejoomla, October 27, 2008
Good interface. Excellent forum. Reliable. Took a little time to sort out some of the finer tweakings like having borders only on one side etc. But this is a great module that I will definitely use again and I would be happy to buy a license for the additional features when needed.