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byjustme, January 19, 2012
VM Affiliate
Support is absolute rubbish....Never have i paid for a component or module at such a price and got NIL support with it.

Messaged the owners in private email and on their support forum till this day they haven't fixed the problem, no responses.

The problem is if a user signs up, it should go automatically for approval, and the users can start using his/her affiliate ID, however as this Extension is, the user can sign up but when they login using thier details it kicks back an Error: USERNAME AND PASSWORD NOT RECOGNISED NOT A REGISTERED MEMBER.

Then when you login to Admin, there is no sign of the person signing up...

If you do some research into this component you'll find once they have your $$$ you get abso0lutely CRAPPY support or any support if that...

Cant even comment about the effectiveness of this program as the problem with the VM Affiliate i cant have people sign up to it full stop..

I suggest seeking other programs/components/modules to do the work...otherwise you'll be throwing your money away with this one..!!!!!
Owner's reply


With all due respect, we did provide you proper support, in a timely manner. Your issue was not our software's fault, but instead caused by a JR Passphrase plugin's bug. We have provided you with a proper fix for it, although it was not our extension.

Nevertheless, throughout the whole process you were very rude and would not, literally, accept our solutions. Instead you posted this rude review (which seems to be the type of reviews you usually post), stopped communicating with us, blocked our IP from your website (after your solution was fixed and we could verify everything was working properly), started a PayPal dispute, and instructed us not to call you anymore.

Again, with all due respect, we do our best to provide excellent support service to our customers, yet you were, at all times, rude and unreasonable.

As you can see, proper support was given here:

byjustme, February 12, 2011
After going through the registration process on this persons site, mind you their servers are slow as, took forever for pages to load, when i finally got around to downloading this component and module i was highly disappointed, straight out of the box installation went fine, however their security captcha is a piece of rubbish, after inputting the CORRECT captcha 14 times, it kept telling me the wrong code had been typed.

Needless to say this crap has been uninstalled and i rather use another..!!!
Owner's reply

- Sometimes it happens when server performs slowly. We think you access our website in some point when the server performance was slow. It happens in every server.

- If you are facing any problem then at first you need to contact us via support forum or via support email. We are always dedicated to solve any kind of issue you are facing. Just contact us and we will surely help you. But we are feeling really bad because you did not give us a chance to solve the issue and provided a bad feedback here.