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byjw15851, June 10, 2010
mavik Thumbnails
So easy to use. No tagging, it just automatically sizes the images to what you define when you add the image to an article. Brilliant. Joomla should do this automatically.

I did run into one issue, when using slim box as the popup method, the popup appears behind my upper menu system. (rocket theme template) There was one post here describing that issue and what they did in the CSS to solve it, but I didn't understand the code they were describing. (I'm not a coder).

But on most templates, it works great, and even in my case the other "modes" of the popup, work fine. Also, there is an option that the thumbnail will take you to the article when in 'blog mode' instead of doing the popup. (once you are in the article, the thumbnails then popup to a larger size)

Absolutely brilliant.

The other other change I would suggest, is a simple button in the plugin setup that will purge the no longer used thumbnails from the system, they do accumulate in there. If you experiment when placing an image, and try 3 or 4 different sizes, then decide on 1... the old thumbnails that were generated during testing still exist in the server. This doesn't hurt anything, but does take up space.

Great job!
byjw15851, June 5, 2010
OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics
Super easy to use. No editing any templates, or any of that madness. Just install it. Go to the plugin manager, click it's link there, turn it on, and paste in your google analytics ID number.

It quietly adds the most updated google analytics code to the top of the page (new code is supposed to go in the top). No more effort required than that.

Exactly what the BigShot analytics tool did, but these folks have kindly updated it with the newest Google code. Yea!

Easy, painless, and it works.