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I have Joomla! in me home domain. And I have PunBB installed in another folder. CloudFlare is available through by my host provider cPanel but I experienced some issues with CloudFlare in PundbB folder and I could not limit CloudFlare fuctionality by /home folder only. So I was forced to disable CloudFlare on cPanel. Now I was finally able to re-activate CloudFlare only in my /home folder. It is great, thank you.

I experienced however some bug. I located CloudFlare module on front page after slideshow which uses java script. It killed my sliding script for Safari users. However after I located CloudFlare before the slide module the problem was fixed. So I assume a bit of documentation re the module settings might be useful.
Except of this minor problem (fixed by me in 20 minutes) everything works exactly as intended. Home page opens now 3 times faster.
Thank you.