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byjwwicks, February 21, 2012
I've used several blogging tools over the years. I'm a developer myself so I know the time it takes to create a product like this one. I needed a blogging tool that fit in with JomSocial and could handle the specialized layout needs of the client.

EasyBlog was the ticket.

Most blogging tools have great features but they tend to lock you into a certain way of doing things. No special templating to override the look and feel. No enormous framework to figure out. If you know how to do it in Joomla then you can do it in EasyBlog.

Support is top notch. Most posts on their discussion forum are answered in a couple days or less by a tech. Give them the login information to your site and they'll generally have fixed the problem in no time flat.

Best experience I've had with 3rd party Joomla extensions.

byjwwicks, February 17, 2010
Given the fact that I've been hacking K2 for the past few weeks to accomplish the same thing in FlexiContent in a couple days, I'd rate this at the top of the food chain. The best part is they follow the same MVC templating that Joomla does so you're not stuck learning a "new" and supposedly better way of doing things.