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byjycs, May 8, 2013
I am uncompromising and unchanging, I have never seen such a dedicated and efficient team. I do not know if this is customary in Vietnam, but this team is extremely friendly, smiling, and always do their utmost to help, with a lot of efficiency. I know them since 3 months and I am ready to do my best to convince everyone of their professionalism because they really deserve it.

Concerning Obgrabber, this tool is one of my best tools. Just for me the best way to update my websites automaticatilly with very good content, and Foobla already improve it many many times, also when I needed it.

I also bought another of their component.

Owner's reply

Thank you, Jycs, for your review.

We earned one more happy customer who willing to share your success story.

Have a great day.

byjycs, December 9, 2012
Community Builder
Very heavy, impossible to uninstall (not in manager), and unnecessary in the absolute.
byjycs, December 2, 2012
Custom Text Button
Very hard to find... But very very usefull, I needed it.
byjycs, November 29, 2012
Simple Image Gallery
Good plugin, but lacks an option to display the ALT in the bottom of the images, and one to limit the size of the shadowbox.
byjycs, November 29, 2012
Diginix Content Generation
I lost a week and money with Diginix.

Being a regular spinner, I was happy to found a component which spinning, but I was quickly dampened by the weakness of DIGINIX CONTENT GENERATION. First, it was impossible to spin long contents (>50000 caracters), the developer quickly responded and corrected the first problem, it was a good thing. But then I learned that you can not enter long texts (mandatory for spin) in the fields "title", this problem will never be solved.

The component operates on a completly useless system of "tags", the tags are spins that you must set aside ... It's required to have at least one tag in the title and in the content for the component works. It's a waste of time when you are trying by all means to generate one content, during 1 week.

After several discussions with the developer, I learned that I had to spin differently my texts ... I finally ended up creating a spin allowed by the component (therefore a poor spin). This spin could generate tens of thousands of versions, but when I clicked to "Generate your articles" .. 4 articles were generated. No solution, the component is bungled.

Desperate by the time lost, I still demand a solution to this problem, no response to this question.

The "component" is unusable, and support indifferent. Run away and spin with a software...
Owner's reply

Your issue was already addressed to your support forum. In response to your issue: the spin text has some limitation; the maximum text allowed by a single {spin} text is 65539. However, you may use as many spin text as you want in a single article.

Regarding the 4 articles issue, it is because you were trying to generate huge articles with very limited server resources:
You need to increase the Maximum execution time and Maximum amount of time should to generate 500 Articles at once.
Maximum amount of memory should be at least 254MB to generate 500 Articles at once.

The application has been tested with 200 Articles generation successfully with a default server limits.
If you still have any issue please post your issue to our support forum.

byjycs, November 29, 2012
Free and great plugin that solves the K2's pagebreak problems. Big compatibility.
byjycs, November 29, 2012
Free plugin, great, responsive and humble support. I have a problem with the "/", "\" and "%5C7%", but Norbert Bayer proposes to intervene when my site will be online.
byjycs, November 28, 2012
This WYSIWYG is fatal for some components or codes, like a tabber or any other which use {quotes}. It places and anywhere, it automatically edits your code... It can quickly become a nightmare... Why nobody repears these problems, since several years ?
Owner's reply

JCE is designed to produce valid HTML based on the doctype selected and by default will cleanup your html, removing invalid tags and attributes and fixing errors. This action can easily be disabled in the editor configuration.

Some tags, like iframe, script, style etc. are removed for security reasons, but options can also be set to allow all or some of these tags.

As for non-html code like {code} etc. JCE does not interfere with this syntax and treats it as plain text.

byjycs, November 26, 2012
Phoca Download
It's annoying to see a good component like this one, empty of usefull options. In the category list, you can't display text, you can't display tags, the visitor is subjected to chance ! In the list of downloads of tag "x", you can not put a link to the category. We can not find downloads with two of more specific tags! I am disappointed because apart from that, this component is good.
Owner's reply


I really don't understand why users are so negative:

You get:

- extension which is free
- free support
- free language file delivered by community
- etc.

If the extension does not fit your needs:

a) you can uninstall it and find other which fits your needs better - this will solve your problem
b) you can ask in forum or on other place, maybe somebody will give you advice how to customize it, or how to enable demanded features - this can solve your problem
c) you can write feature requests in forum or in contact forum - this can solve your problems in future
d) you can write negative review here or somewhere else - this will not solve your problem except your problem is elsewhere than in using the component :-(

Of course the extension cannot fit needs of all people of the world but I as developer listen to users and try to add new features there (I by myself use 10% of Phoca Download features, all other 90% was added because users added them to feature request list)

Options were wished by users, so if you feel, it is not useful for you, there are some users who find it useful. It is open source and everybody can find useful features there and everybody can customize it in case, he/she didn't find the feature they need.

Of course you can display text and tags in category view - just use the custom layout, etc.

If you really need this extension (you didn't find any other) then will be great you will go to Phoca Forum page and there:

a) you will get advices how to enable features you think, they are not exist
b) you can write feature requests to help imlementing new features you need.

Thank you, Jan

byjycs, November 26, 2012
I did not know if this plugin was compatible with all my components, but it is. Amazing plugin !
Owner's reply

Thanks for this excellent review!!!
And also thank you very much to all other joomla-members for good reviews or contacting me. All this was a real help through a very tough time in my life. I hope I'll be back soon with updates for all my extensions.