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bykabuki2000, March 15, 2010
RSform Pro
Probably was a 5 star component in Jan 2009.

Now its dated, clunky to use (the save buttons are particularly aggravating) and tedious to custom design.

Adequate for a simple contact form.

Multi-page form - forget about it.

I understand that it has a lot of votes and a high rating - but I feel as of March 2010 this is a fair rating.

Saying all that - I'm still waiting on somebody creating the breakthrough form extension
Owner's reply

Although RSForm!Pro was released in 2008 we constantly released updates that made our product the best Joomla! form solution.

The beauty of our product is that you can create simple and advanced forms without problems. All you have to do when having problems or difficulties is to open a support ticket.

We didn't find any support ticket from you.

And by the way, multi-page is doable with RSForm!Pro. just open a support ticket if you own a license.

This is by far the most polished extension in the real estate category.

If you value your time (and I've had to find out the hard way) and you are looking to impress your client or visitor with a professional and stable site - this is the extension to use.

This is one of those instances where it takes money to make money.

Don't take my word for it - compare the demo site with the others in this section and then imagine that your looking to BUY some Real Estate - ask yourself ..

Which site would you feel the most comfortable in making such an important investment.

This may not be the editors choice but its definitely mine.

(PS. If you have to go the free route then I would suggest Property there are many useful reviews already)
bykabuki2000, October 25, 2009
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Pretty Modules
Giving the rating based on the idea and his non commercial extension. With so many templates using override systems this makes it simple for technically challenged to further personalize sites.

Shocked its taken so long for somebody to identify the need. Wish you Smooth Sailing on your development plans!