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bykagit, August 5, 2013
Daniel did an excellent job with this custom router. It really is simple. After installation, I went to plugin manager and made sure it was "Enabled". Then in Site/Global Configuration/SEO Settings I clicked on "Yes" for Use URL rewriting (I had to change the htaccess.txt file name to .htaccess for this to work). After that, it was a simple matter of checking the query string in the menu and created a new name path and voila! shorter URLs. Thank you Daniel!
RSform Pro
I am familiar with other contact form components but was replacing a survey component with this one. Very easy to use. I did not (yet) have to contact support but suspect it is good. This component is everything a form creation component needs to be. Highly recommend it!
JLSecure My Site
Joomla! makes up 2.6% of ALL the websites in the world and when someone can "see" you have a Joomla! website it is not difficult to access the admin login page. JL Secure My Site is a great first line of defense against would-be hackers or innocent individuals snooping around to confirm that your website is running on Joomla! Well, now it gets a little tougher. Highly recommended plug-in. Very easy to install. I recommend installing via the URL. This is a FREE plugin so when you go to go to the free stuff section and simply copy the link address of the download and insert it into your admin backend Extension/Extensions Manager - Install from URL. The go to the Extensions/Plugin Manager and put in your KEY and VALUE, enable it and you are set!
bykagit, April 7, 2012
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Vik Slider
After downloading nearly a dozen image rotators and image sliders, NOT ONE, was able to accomplish the task except VikSlider! I run joomla 2.5.3 website and needed an image slider that could EASILY link external and internal URL's and this did it 1-2-3! I use this in a module on home page and it is very easy to upload and set-up. The only thing I had to do was create a folder in my images folder entitled vikslider (/images/vikslider/image1.jpg) and it worked like a charm. A good variety of slide effects to work with as well left-right button navigation if you want.
bykagit, April 7, 2012
Simple Picture Slideshow
Wow! Finally, a simple image slideshow that actually works with zero problems. I was especially in need of a simple slideshow that had linking capability and would allow me to turn off captions, etc. This even works in my joomla 2.5.3 module on my template! I think my only drawback is that I (believe) cannot use this in different places because it is a plugin and the parameters of the slideshow are set there (folder, image size, etc.)
bykagit, April 7, 2012
Very Simple Image Rotator
Easy to use, however, the links do not work. So far, only if you allow links to "Repeat" will this function work AND only with the second link you input not the first one. So while the images load and rotate rather nicely, the real functionality that I needed (links to images) does not work. Cannot rate this very high unless issue is resolved.
Owner's reply

we have fixed the problem with the links. Please try the updated package.
Thank you!

bykagit, December 7, 2011
Accordion FAQ
Installation: A snap!
Setup and configuration: no problem so long as you take the time to read the Module and Plugin instructions.
I think I spent about 20-30 minutes just playing with all of the configuration options.
This has to be one of the easiest, stylish and useful extensions.