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bykaizagency, July 5, 2013
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I purchased this extension to capture visitors info on first visit and it did the job perfectly. I needed a few things for my specific project and the developers updated the extension especially for me to include these. Their support was prompt and instant, they replied so quickly and helped me on the same day. I have purchased other products from them before and they always provide fantastic support. They really made a great effort to help me and made revisions to the extension to cater for my specific needs. REALLY EXCELLENT PRODUCT AND SUPPORT!!
bykaizagency, June 16, 2012
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This extension is great if you want a simple quick way to setup a membership system. I managed to implement this in just a few minutes as all settings are straight forward and user friendly. I had a few questions due to the way I needed my membership process to work and support got back to me promptly. I have purchased a few different extensions from this company and they are always very helpful and provide excellent support. Highly recommended!
bykaizagency, March 14, 2012
RSform Pro
This extension is very useful, it does what it describes and you can think of so many different ways it can be used. For example we use it on many sites to create forms with default values auto populating data from other tables to make things easier for the user.

We have also used many other extensions from RS Joomla - we use RS Firewall on all sites to keep them secure. RS Joomla are extremely helpful and provide excellent support - highly recommended!
bykaizagency, October 14, 2010
This is a VERY useful extension, it is so flexible and can be used for so many different things, making websites more automated and cost effective to maintain.

Also the Metamod guy is VERY helpful, he gives a fast response to queries and goes out of his way to help. For a non-commercial extension the service is excellent. If you have questions just be sure to follow forum rules and provide relevant info and links so he can try and resolve your issue quicker. If you find it useful then be kind and donate because we need to help keep these good companies in business, cos without them we would need to spend so much more development time and money.

Thanks Metamod Guy :)
bykaizagency, July 18, 2010
ProJoom Multi Rotator
This is a great multi use extension, you can use it for so many different things and there are lot's of great parameters so you can customise to your specific needs. The developers are very helpful - I had a few queries and they replied to me within minutes (even though it was a Sunday). They made a great effort to help me get the extension working the way I needed it for my web project. I would highly recommend Projoom products and their team. I have also used other products of theirs that have been equally as good. Although the extension is commercial, it is a small price to pay for the excellent product and service provided.
Ozio Gallery
This is a great gallery with lots of different skins that can make websites look really impressive.

I would say that they MUST offer a paid version with no links as it simply cannot be used for client projects with the links. I would def buy it if it was available and I am sure others would so they are really losing out!

Also labels should be available on all galleries and the category gallery does not seem to work - I think if you have SEF enabled.

Also forum is mostly in Italian so can an English speaker partner up with them and start selling a paid version and managing forum please :)