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Article Auto ToC
Hi, for those who want to display a TOC in most articles, this seems nice.
But I want to display a TOC only in a single article (which the plugin claims to be able to do), it is not quite clear how, though.
I disabled the plugin - putting {autotoc} inside an article, will then just output that very text ...
Owner's reply

If you disable the plugin certainly nothing happens, because if the plugin doesn't run it gets no chance to remove it from the text.
Instead you should leave the plugin enabled but set the plugin option 'Generate for all articles' to 'no'.
If you have any further problems please contact me through my linked homepage.

bykamome, June 22, 2011
percha Iframe
Hi, thank you Cristian! I have been looking for a way to easyly implement iframes (while still allowing my editor to clean up the code).
Your plugin is easy to use and does what it advertises. I haven't looked at the code, but as far as functionality goes, I am very happy.
Just one little pitfall I would like to warn others against: When I first tried this plugin, the plugin or the editor (TinyMCE) always added '"' after the iFrame on saving - mind the whitespace between the last parameter and the closing brace of the iframe tag in cristian's example! Keeping that in mind, adding that whitespace, the plugin just works.
As I couldn't reach mosiFrame's site for some time now, your plugin seems to be the only choice left - and I am very happy with it. Thanks again!