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bykamudi, January 3, 2009
Virtuemart is and excellent extension that would cost $$$ anywhere else. I have installed and setup clients several times with this shopping cart and compared to Zend or Oscommerce it is a nice inclusion to Joomla. Many of my clients are very happy with this shopping cart.
Now there are some whiners that virtuemart doesn't custom itself to the way that suites individual needs and you must be a php/css programmer to modify it to look and feel as you wish.
That is true because it would make the file too large and take extra effort away from increasing functionality of the product. I guess that is why you pay someone like me to customize it beyond what the basis framework of virtuemart.
It is said that if something is free then you will get more negative feedback than if you charge a lot of money. Remember the days when someone charge $1,000 to $100 USD for a shopping cart that didn't work this well and had limited features? I do.
Good Work Virtuemart and I will be giving a donation.