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bykanga77, July 21, 2013
Contact Enhanced Component
A great product backed up by excellent support.

Like some of the other users, I had some issues getting the form to appear correctly (due to a very basic error on my part). Douglas didn't just solve those problems, but actually added further, custom CSS code to make my forms look even better within my template...within minutes (even though it wasn't urgent).

He's also unfailingly polite and a pleasure to deal with: not something you can say about every joomla developer.
bykanga77, June 29, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
Great product: intuitive, does what it is supposed to do, and is super customisable.

Best of all, though, is the service. Unlike some other developers who can be quite short with you when you request support (not mentioning any names, but am thinking of a certain Dutch developer who has loads of extensions listed on the JED), these guys are always really friendly and take time to provide clear and comprehensive replies.
bykanga77, June 15, 2013
Simple Image Gallery
Like one of the previous reviewers, I only came across JoomlaWorks after recently installing K2. Do a search for "image gallery" on the extensions directory, and the Pro version of this software doesn't even appear.

I have to admit I haven't used the free version, I went straight ahead and bought the PRO version (it's only around 18 euros), and for that you get a backend interface that isn't only intuitive and easy to use, but streets ahead of virtually all other joomla extensions in terms of its "look and feel" (and this is on a joomla 2.5 site).

The choice of 6 different gallery types is great. My favourite is "Polaroid" whose font looks like you've handwritten the image title.

Do yourself a favour and just buy the PRO version: you'll love it, and your purchase will help fund future developments of such excellent pieces of software as this.
bykanga77, January 24, 2013
RSform Pro
Don't believe the review by L Kohler: there is loads of documentation on the rsjoomla website. I even used some of it to teach myself the basiscs of Javascript: it's that comprehensive.

The component is very easy to use, and very reliable. But for me the best thing about the product is the EXCELLENT customer service from Andrei and the team: quick, patient and comprehensive, and often going far beyond the call of duty (when one considers the low price of the software and the time they spent responding to support requests).

This is honestly one of the best Joomla extensions I have ever used.

Looking forward to buying some more of their products.

Keep up the good work guys!
bykanga77, January 20, 2013
Art Sexy Lightbox
Very happy to recommend this product.

Excellent service and plug in works as described: they even sent me an update within a day of my adding a feature request!

Nearly perfect but ability to add image descriptions directly in module manager -rather than in separate text files- would have got this up to 5 stars.

Overall though, excellent value for money!