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bykaplansa, June 6, 2007
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Google Maps by Reumer
Much simpler to use than Google Maps API component/module. Since this is a Mambot, all you do put one line of tailorable {mosmap...} code in your article and voila - a Google map appears with all your options that you set in the tag.

Because it's pseudo-code this isn't terribly useful for people with zero coding know-how, but for the average Joomla web master, it's a piece of cake. It would be nice too if there were some more options in the config for this mambot to open the Google info box and put all sorts of miscellaneous info in there like phone numbers, images, etc. But the mambot's beauty is in its simplicity.

Also, note that If you run into a "file_get_contents" error when you run this mambot, check your php.ini file - I had this problem. Make sure that "allow_url_fopen" is set to "on" in php.ini.