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bykarakatiza, July 17, 2011
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Community Builder
I have been around Joomla for 4 years and Never, EVER I have come across the extension that is so bad. I have seen poorly coded, unstable extensions, but this one rules them all.

Unintuitive, unstable extension brought down my entire site with ~1000 unique visitors per day. I ended up deleting it completely and killed all the files from the root of web site just to make sure nothing is left.
Owner's reply

Hi karakatiza,
Welcome to JED reviews as this is your very first and only "review" and visible down-voting since "being around Joomla for 4 years" as you state.
We are sorry to have to reply to address the diverse incorrect statements you made:
1) Are you sure that you downloaded Community Builder 1.4 from the official site ? Even free, CB 1.4 is written cleanly and professionally for most parts using an extensible OOD approach, and has an excellent track record with no known vulnerabilities for years now. So not corresponding at all to your description made above.
2) we're also very surprised by your "terrible" experience, since none of the 406,614 CB community members that have downloaded at least one Community Builder official release so far did report such issues or experiences due to CB on our forums nor on to date.
3) To the contrary of what you write here, uninstalling CB is as easy as any other extension: simply uninstall through joomla extensions installer, done.
4) Finally, we need to notice that we don't see your username registered anywhere else (not on and not on the official CB site either, which is very surprising for someone "being around Joomla for 4 years").
You are welcome to download latest CB version for free on our site and to use our free support forums at if you have any question or CB-related issue.