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This is a really great program & is an easy & fast way to get a nice-looking form with your own custom fields into Joomla (without ANY programming/design skills), plus even has the added benefit of storing the emails received via it's forms ( if someone sent me an email 2 months ago via aiContactSafe's form, a copy is stored within the component... this is also an easy way of checking the mail each day without having to open up an email program or log into CPanel etc... & you can reply to them from aiContacSafe component, too)
Lots of settings & configurations, but don't let that put you off if you're a newbie - instructions are provided in the component configuration pages, & support appears to be excellent on the forum, too (Note: we had a problem of the Captcha not displaying due conflict with swMenuPro - so if you use swMenuPro you may need to disable it just on the aiContactSafe form page). Many thanks to the developers for providing this to the community - Regards, KB
What can I say that hasn't already been said before? - installed it on our site, which only went live in late November & is still being "perfected" before we begin marketing process, so no marketing of any type whatsoever has been done yet - however, we are already ranked by Alexa at about 240,000 globally & about 2,300 locally, which is pretty amazing (a programmer assisting us thought when we hit #500,000 within days of launching that something was up!) and we'd had visitors from over 20 countries within the first month!. So I think that, as others have found, for us this plugin is effective & indispensable.

The developer, Matthias, is also terrific & very helpful - last week he even helped me fix a problem on the site which wasn't even due to SEO Generator (...I passed on Matthias's fix to the other company & they are incorporating it in their next release... furthermore he provided his help on a weekend, and without looking at my system either, just from reading the symptoms via my email - boy, is he good or what!!.).

Regarding the reviewer below who is having problems, or anyone else for that matter - It may not be the fault of this plugin - I've had no problems with virtuemart & this plugin coexisting from day one, plus I've also got quite a complex site setup (it's packed to the rafters actually!!! lol - more extensions than you can poke a stick at!) and I've had no problems whatsoever with this product (apart from the recent one which wasn't due to this product anyway) - and when I say complex, I mean complex - forum, download manager, virtuemart, video manager, RSS feeds, e-cards, membership/subscription manager, news portal component ... etc etc etc, plus also using Yootheme I suggest maybe writing the developer an email before writing a review, as he is very helpful & it may not even be his product at fault, or try Googling the symptoms to see if anyone else has got the same problem and can provide an answer/fix (...also, if you have updated anything recently, sometimes the new updated version can be to blame, too).

I highly recommend this plugin & it is definitely is worth the small price it costs & it definitely works! Thanks again Matthias.
Well, just like the earlier review below, I too thought the last version was pretty good, but this version is utterly brilliant.. If you need a site translator, your journey ends with this one. Get it quick before the developer changes his mind!!!
To the developer: Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with Joomla community.
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Thanks all for your kind feedbacks!

bykarban, September 25, 2009
Report Card
This is an excellent component and module for showing testimonials, and well priced too (only $14.99). I looked at the non-commercial alternatives before trying this however they seemed to lack features I needed. ReportCard on the other hand has Captcha incorporated (so helps protect against/ reduce spam), is native 1.5, has a module to show testimonials, is easy to install, easy to modify the look to suit your site, and the support I received was FANTASTIC (....I had minor problem with the calendar input not working on front end when submitting testimonials - I wrote to company about it and also suggested for future releases it could be removed altogether and instead automatically insert date with option for admin to manually input any date at backend if required - almost immediately (a day or so?) Vincent sent me a new version modified exactly to my good is that!). Very happy & impressed with product, and service & support was outstanding. Highly recommended.