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bykaren.harwood, November 16, 2010
Having clients who demand customization and will not put up with being trapped in a box, I am more than happy to recommend iRecommend. As a professional web designer, I was left speechless by the technical support I received when I had questions. Within an hour I had received a reply and was up and running.
bykaren.harwood, August 9, 2010
JCK Editor
Loved this editor until I ran into a problem with it changing my " marks in the code to ". This is a big problem when it comes to other plugins that need the quote marks. Company says that the Html entities are w3s compliant but this does nothing for making it work where other plugins need real quote marks in the code as many do. You can change the jsckeditor/config.js file line to config.entities = false; to fix this if you want to use this editor.