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bykarossii, June 13, 2011
I would love to give this a better review - lord knows it is a nightmare to find something that does what this does, and for free to boot!

However, that's why I am rating it average and not just fair. I tried to locate the author's contact information prior to reviewing; however I can find no means to contact him. Mentioned on his website is paid support - but I can find no way to sign up for such. So there's no method to contact outside of posting to a sourceforge page (something I choose to not do) - no forums or email access...and no way to pay for support.

The component does basically what I need done; but there are several minor complaints I have (primarily about the formatting, but also some little about the functionality). It is not a simple plug and play, install and use plugin. It requires a fair amount of data entry to get going; which is perfectly acceptable, but a tiny bit annoying. There are some things I would like to customize that have no options on the backend configuration. And I really wish this was a module instead of a component; or at least had one or more modules to accompany it. And finally, I really want what the 2.1 preview showed - to have everything completed in one page; that is a huge update which is needed.

In short, this plugin has a ton of potential, and most of my complaints could very likely easily be resolved with a support forum where users could chat with one another. so my only real complaint is lack of any way to contact the author or other users for such support! Well, that and the lack of a module thing.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review Karossii.

2.1 is still a work in progress. I have some of it running in beta, as you saw from the website, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

There has also been some major scope creep with what I want to put into 2.1. Things like payment gateways went from a nice to have that was planned for 2.3 and beyond into something that needed to be done.

I know a number of people have commented on the ability to run as a module. There are no plans for that as part of 2.1. But, beyond that it is something that will be done.

Thanks again and if you need more info on formatting just drop me a line.