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bykashmirha, March 19, 2010
I wonder how Joobi let this software released?

This is FULL OF BUGS! Upgrade is miserable, it lists only 70% of my subscribers (I can see them in the MySQL, but the software not listing them in Joomla backend.) Constant MySQL errors. Sometimes I can see the only first time step by step wizard ("Firts make a List...") Have language problems too (mising the translation, and shows only the code like _ACA_NEWS_BLABLA). Tried to make a test mail, but the inserted article codes are not saved, nor transformed to article leads. It creates jos_ tables, although I use different prefix. And all these bugs for what? As far as I can see there are no new features. Yes, it's native, and it have some improvements (maybe, I could not test it) but as a full product it really does not worth even the try! untill you fix those pre-beta bugs. I mean this is not even beta, when it creates bad mysql tables. I am seariously planning to change to vermod newsmailer, although it can not send individual mails, thats why I still force myself to use Acajoom News. Brrrr.
bykashmirha, May 4, 2009
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Well, this is a little pice of must have if you edit a lot in the Joomla Backend. Basickally it lets you jump into articles, modules, plugins, menues whith typing a few letters from the item you are looking for. If you have an article called Download and a menu item with the same name, its no problem, because the instant search result shows weather it is a module, article, plugin. Saves you 2-4 clicks per use!!!

bykashmirha, March 15, 2007
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Zero documetation=zero chance to figure out how to use. It is not a kind of component, you can guess what and how to do. You need documentation! So basically it is a commercial component, or a subscription ware. For £20/year you get the documentation and more. What a pitty:-(