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bykasimir61, January 23, 2011
Thanks a lot for this nice Component for free !

i have made a Application with zoo for a gaming site. you can edit a lot oft things and you can build own templates on the scratch.

Thats nice...

Now the things - what i am Missing
in blog application - what comes free too - i have the big problem to sort anything in frontpage, because, there is no alphaindex search for the user. so i take a look in the manual on there site - but...

there is no documentation, how to include this function. There is only a text, what will tell you, that is no Way use it in Blog template.

Now i know, that is a lot of nice stuff for free, but it shouldt come with full informations about handling the code !

but all in all - i love this zoo extension. it is one of the best, i have seen last time.

so again, thank you very much for this component !
bykasimir61, June 29, 2009
It is a real nice and fine software. but the author is not thinking about the extrafield function. You can add Field like name, postcode and whatever (fine!!) - but all can translated by language files, only this fields have no language option and no joomfish option.

I think - if the author add this function to joomfish - then all will be fine and it will work in multi-language too.

Owner's reply

Since YOU are the one creating the custom fields and their appearance... I would have some difficulty providing a translation for them.