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bykatandmouse, September 16, 2011
I didn't find any bugs in this one, so that's good, but it was really too messy in the display for me and would require too much time, if I can at all, to get it right.

What I didn't like is this:
The extra images appear in an iframe and you have to scroll to see them. So that's not user friendly and I don't like having images hidden like that.

Additionally on the detail page there's way too much empty space and everything is really spread out because where there is no data, that space does not go away, neither does the labeling for those empty spaces.

This may be fine for some people, but as a graphic designer, this is hard on the eyes and just not acceptable to me. I probably can get in the code and fix this, but I'd rather find something else.

So, developers, spend a little time prettying it up and it will be a good piece of software.
JCal Pro
JCal Pro is probably one of the best calendars out there except for the fact that they forgot something that is extremely important, in fact so important that it might make this worthless to a lot of businesses. While they have provided a nice interface to add repeating events and now the ability to repeat them on specific days of the month like 2nd Saturday, there is no way to edit just one of those events in the string. For a dance studio client of mine, periodically their Monday classes might be canceled because of a holiday for example. To get around the problem, you have to delete the event and then reenter it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review katandmouse. However, JCal Pro definitely supports recurring event exceptions. Its very simple. Once your recurring event is created, just delete/unpublish the date that is the exception. All the other occurrences remain intact. You can do this from either the admin interface or the frontend. The documentation on this is found here (login required):

bykatandmouse, July 15, 2010
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Zap Calendar
they say you can add repeating events, but in their demo that option is not available as a choice. the social media tie-in and the google maps are cool features, but I need to be able to add repeating events.
Owner's reply

Yes, Zap Calendar supports repeating events in both the front and back end editors, however, the feature has been disabled in the demo to prevent abuse to the demo system (with one click, thousands of repeating events could be created). You can see a screenshot of the back-end repeating event options in the "Add New Event" screen here: (click on the "Add New Event" screenshot to zoom in).

Zap Calendar's repeating event feature is extensive, is iCal compatible, and allows you to edit or remove an event within a repeating event series. You can contact the author at the "contact us" link or in the forums on the site if you need additional info on the feature.

bykatandmouse, July 4, 2010
Fade Gallery
The Simple Picture Gallery wasn't working for me because it kept creating a thumbnail amidst the big gallery images (perhaps a conflict with another extension I was running), so I turned to Fade Gallery. This behaves pretty much the same as Simple Picture Gallery. I love that it's easy to add pictures - just FTP photos to a directory. So many of the photo galleries require so much work to add images. Not this one.

What didn't work:
I'm on a Mac in Firefox. I could not get the photos to gradually transition. Not sure if that works on a PC or not.

The photos do not appear in numerical order. The developer says you can list the filenames to get them to appear in any order you want. I could not get that to work, but the instructions weren't clear, so maybe I did that wrong.

Neither one of those problems kept me from using it. Thanks for the extension.
bykatandmouse, June 23, 2009
Ozio Gallery
This looks like a great extension and I'd love to give it 5 stars, but I can't get it to do what I want and that is create the categories like it shows in their demo. I followed their instructions to the letter and it's still a no show. Unless you speak Italian, there's not much help in the forum either. So, if you want it to show categories, I'd think again. I wasted 2 hours trying to get it to work. For showing individual photos, it was very easy to do though.
bykatandmouse, January 18, 2009
Like others, I tried other forms and couldn't get any to work other than a commercial form, RSForms which I think is the best. This one is not too bad except that I don't think it sends email confirmations to the person who submitted the form. There is a place to fill out what you want the confirmation to say, but no way to set that up, at least that is obvious anywhere. Typically when you set up form fields, you get the option of selecting an email field. That way the software knows where to send the message. You do not have that option in this app so it can't know where to send it. Also, can't find any way to configure the final, thank-you page with my own message. I need both of those features, so I can instruct my users to send in their deposit. Other than that, it appears to work.

The usability could be better. Be forewarned that "template" means "form" and "form" means "template." The developers must not be English speaking.
Owner's reply

M4J is a GPL component which is developed in our spare time therefore it's for free.
All named and missing features are in process.
Being not a native english speaking developer do not have a bearing to the usability.
At least the form template is a template because it can't be use as a stand alone form.
A form is a form because this is what you can publish as a form by using a TEMPLATE.
This is the same method joomla is using.
Maybe we should rename joomla templates into content and publish template sites instead of content ;-)

bykatandmouse, September 11, 2008
I tried a few different SEF extensions and this one works the best. However, watch out for their credits. They make it far too easy to install the version with their credits than without, even if you buy it. I purchased my version and never ever installed their free version (at least to my knowledge), and I've yet to get their credits off every single one of my pages. There are many delays going back and forth with emails trying to remove it.

Here's the problem so you all can avoid it. After you go through the purchase process, they land you on a page to enter your license number, but that number is already filled in. Don't be duped into thinking it's the license you purchased! It's not. It's the one that comes with their credits. Look in your inbox for the license number. I did, but that email went to my spam folder so I didn't see it. Thinking I didn't need it, I submitted the license number they gave me, and then my site was infested with their credits, not only at the bottom of every page, but even in other unwelcome places. Three days later, I'm still trying to get help removing it.

Other than that, it's a great program. Just proceed cautiously on install.
bykatandmouse, September 10, 2008
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I tried 3 other sitemap extensions and this is the only one that worked for me in Joomla 1.5 in legacy mode.