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bykaz101, May 23, 2013
I wanted to add social media too (like the last reviewer) but I hadn't used joomla for a while. I couldn't get it to work and contacted the extension owner. He replied reminding me that the editor can change code. Once he reminded me I changed the editor entered it again and it worked. The issue was nothing to do with the extension yet he helped me anyway. It's a great extension and I'd recommnend it.

bykaz101, June 2, 2011
I had promised a client an RSS feed would be written to her website and when I tried a few extensions I found that they didn't work too well or I simply couldn't understand the setup.

Then I found this extension. It simply does what it says it does.

I had problems with the links and ACESEF but I simply had to delete the ACESEF URLs and let them be created again.

I also needed to change the layout for the menu option but that was nothing to do with this extension either.

If you're looking for an RSS feed into your website give this one a shot first and don't waste your time (like I did) trying the others first.

Mount Gambier Website Design
BuaXua Floating
A client had seen floating social media on a wordpress website and wanted a similar thing in her joomla website.

Firstly follow the instructions. It's very easy to set up if you follow them and only takes a few minutes. I missed a bit and it didn't work. The developer was great and pointed me to instructions that I'd missed through their support forum.

Secondly I found that I couldn't get it to work with one of my artisteer templates and once again the developer came to my rescue and let me know how to modify my template.

Fantastic support and the module is free.

Mount Gambier Website Design
bykaz101, April 25, 2010
All Weblinks
I used this to put the weblinks in an article and then linked to that article from the menu (to replace standard joomla weblinks).

At first I couldn't get the descriptions to show but the answer was in the support forum (use display rather than show for the description tag).

The css layout didn't match my template but was pretty easy to amend through a little trial and error in the css sheet.

Still the best weblinks extension I've found - and I've tried all the non-commercial ones now.
I needed a replacement for the standard contact us that had a captcha form to stop some spam.

This only took me a few minutes to install and it worked first time.

Can't ask more of an extension.

A big thank you to the developer!