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bykcchan, December 25, 2013
For people who need an event management component for a multilingual site: this component is probably not for you. It will not work with the Joomla core multilingual module. It should have been explicitly stated. When I contacted the tech support, instead of trying to solve the problem, they told me TWICE to just unsubscribe from their services.
Owner's reply

Hi Kiu,

This is Bojan, the guy who spoke with you in the support ticket. What you wrote here is not really accurate.
You stated: "It will not work with the Joomla core multilingual module".
Based on our conversation on our support platform, you should say: "it's not working the way I want it to work with Joomla's Language Switcher module".
We helped you out and provided you with EasyLanguage plugin solution that we fully support and that provided a way for Ohanah to work issues free with native Joomla's multilingual capabilities. On top of that, I even installed Joomla native Language Switcher module on your site and it worked.
But what you wanted is something specific that for sure is NOT part of core functionality. Therefore stating that Ohanah doesn't work at all with Joomla's native multilingual capabilities is not only false, but also an obvious attempt to make us look "bad" by falsely accusing us. (this is against the JED rules and shouldn't be published at all).

As I said in the ticket, we are really sorry for your unhappiness and I encourage you one more time to take contact with us through the support platform so that we can find a solution that will make us all happy.