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bykcionline, February 6, 2008
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Event Registration Pro
I really wanted this to work having paid $119 USD (£60+) for it.

1. Contrary to what the Ad says, the CB field mapping is there but as far as I can see it does nothing!

2. They offer 'Event Management' but there's no way to access any information that's been entered in the custom fields at registration!! so if someone requests something special, you'll never know about it!

3. It says 'reporting capability' but there's only one report. Unfortunately, you can't get a simple list of ALL who booked as it shows no detail for those booked as a group.

4. The support is abysmal! I've sent email and submitted tickets. I'm just not getting the answers.

It's a shame because on comparison, this is pretty bug free stuff. I got it talking to Paypal sandbox and live in no time.

Guess I'll have to hack in and MAKE it do what I want!
Owner's reply

Community Builder field population integration is now working since version 2.5