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bykefi, June 20, 2012
Simple Spotlight
Just what is needed from an image rotator to be. Easy to set up and works fine.
bykefi, February 25, 2012
ARI Ext Menu
Nice menu system. This menu system works great, but you need to fix the CSS in your Joomla template first, because sometimes it may interact with this extention.
bykefi, December 26, 2008
The component is great... The community will need this a lot. But there are still some bugs in the 2.0b3 version:
- the pdf icon for the tables doesn't work properly;
- sometimes it is not easy to create tables, because of all kinds of errors;
- sometimes record addition to a table doesn't work;
- bugful when there is an image element in the table (example if you click the pdf icon you will get this: TCPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file:;
-the view field of the table could not be hidden for some reason;
-sometimes the sorting of a table is not working properly.
I hope these bugs will be resolved, when the stable version is out, then my rating will be excellent.
bykefi, September 16, 2008
AJAX Shoutbox
Perfect one. The only problem which I saw is that it breaks some other Ajax components (for example mod_rokintroscroller) if they are on the same page...