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bykeithstoddart, May 23, 2013
Where I had a few hiccups at the beginning (mostly down to my lack of experience as web designer) mainly with set up I have to say the support was excellent. George came back with solutions to my problems and now it is up and running and I am now looking forward to getting stuck into populate it.
Only thing I would say is the documentation could be a bit more intuitive as there were a couple of things in there that I didn't grasp (again could be down to me!!). I think though on the whole it is a great piece of kit and I applaud the developers.
I think we need to support these developers as much as possible and that is why I am happy to have gone for this paid component.
bykeithstoddart, August 15, 2012
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VM Invoices
I chose this software because it seemed to be the only one that could create delivery notes as well as invoices. I also needed to customise the delivery note too.
Not too bad to install although I didn't realise I needed to install Virtuemart first. I didn't realise this as I was only looking for a stand alone invoice system (should have been made clearer).
I paid for the software plus one hour of support so I could get the customisation done on the delivery note. However, when I requested the customisation I was sent an update to the software and was told I could do the changes myself. I have not yet been offered a refund on my purchase of 'support' and I am still waiting on a reply from the support team. I have also queried a couple of things that are hapening on the update too which shouldn't be.
Because the component only works with Virtuemart you have to go between both VM and VMInvoices to set any params (annoying). Also, I am finding it difficult to get answers to my questions.
A good component with lousy support. I look forward to see an improvement there.