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bykelchuk, February 26, 2011
I have used various blogs in Joomla; such as myblog, Smartblog and Superblogger. This is the best deal for a blogging component. Superblogger, which is more difficult to use, setup and must use Disqus commenting costs more and does not store comments locally. With a few more bell and whistles and templates, don't be surprised to see this gem with a $25+ price tag and a 1 site license. Meanwhile, altering the template css is not much work and you can add your own templates.

I added this blog since I needed more than 1 blog on my website to keep material and categories separate and it was very similar in functionality to another, but with a streamlined backend.

Ross replied quickly.

If I could change one thing, it would be to use jomcomment as well as jcomment, but that is a want and not a necessity by any means. Its built-in comment system is very good.

This blog is simple to use and that is a big plus, especially if you need to train someone how to use it or to ad it to other websites.

The fact that you can use it more than once is a huge plus too.

From what I see, this blog is relatively new. I can tell because the component uses the sites folder and the date it was added was about a year ago. Often, extensions are a better deal during this period and so is the licensing.

It creates page titles to each blog entry that match the page title...just like it should and keywords can be added to any article.

Thanks Ross,
bykelchuk, December 3, 2009
After wrestling with Jumi for the good part of a day and maybe even up to a hundred tests, I was able to get it to deliver W3C valid HTML/CSS only with the component using the global configuration meta data. Since it did not work as I had expected with the plugin and the documentation was rather limited, I did not even want to attempt usage with SH404SEF to get custom meta data; shall I use more than 1 custom page on a site.

Although I did not have good luck, I hope others do.

After trying sourcerer, I was able to get the results I desired in 5 minutes.

bykelchuk, December 3, 2009
I downloaded, I installed, I enabled, I added HTML / CSS, I uploaded images and I got the exact results I wanted and the code W3C compliant. It really does not get any more convenient than this to add PHP or precise XHTML/CSS to any article.

I wish I tried this before I had wrestled with a similar component.