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There are several tools here in the extension directory, which do the same thing and offer better handling details:

IP-Blocking: Here: Only one by one can be entered. They cannot be disabled but have to be deleted.
Other tool: (IP Block): Offers the entering of many IPs, which can be disabled or not.

Country blocking: Here: If you accidentally block your country (as I did for testing purposes), I could not even go to the backend anymore.
Other tool: (CF Country Block): Blocks countries only in the front end and uses the same Maxmind data source.

HttpBL blocking: It works with the honeypot project but does not offer a redirecting page.
Other tool: httpbl: Offers a redirecting page.

For all blocking aspects a redirecting page 403 should be possible. For the time being only the individual language .ini files need to be adjusted, which I don't like too much.

Apart from these items the tool offers a huge variety of items to set and the tool has helped me to upgrade the Joomla core easily.

The answers in the forum came fast and could have been a little more specific in regard to the questions asked.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, but you seem to have missed some of the tips and features of Admin Tools.

1. IP Block. You can enter IP ranges in human readable format, i.e. or 192.168.1. If you want to mass-enter a large number of IP addresses you can use's Content Uploader to import massive lists from Excel files.

2. GeoIP blocking. Yes, we do protect your back-end as well. If you block a country you usually do so because you have tons of spamming/hacking attempts. Why risk those people attacking your back-end and not be blocked? That said, if you are you locked out, no problem, just follow the manual instructions for renaming one file, fix it and restore the file. Would you think that adding a toggle (protect front-end only / protect entire site) would be better? Please place your suggestion in our forum's Feature Request section so that we can discuss this further.

3. HttpBL blocking. What do you mean by redirecting page? Would you like to post a feature request in our forum so that we can talk about it more in depth and possibly implement this? The latest version (2.0.5 at the time of this writing) does present you with a link to a page which explains why you are blocked and what you can do to unblock yourself.

4. Blocking message: I agree. I don't like it either. This is on my to-do list for version 2.1.

Regarding the forum support, please note that we answer based on the information you provide us in your question. It's impossible to provide 100% accurate responses without having full access to the site. That kind of service is provided to AKEEBADELUXE and SUPPORT subscribers through the private ticket system - hence the higher price of those subscriptions.

Thank you for your feedback and constructive criticism! This is what helps us improve the software :)

bykelley1995, March 30, 2011
I would like to thank you for this tool. I have tried to develop something like this myself and must admit that your solution works better. I have a few improvements though: It should also be possible to use the professional online country service, for which I have a license code. This is even more accurate than the free database.

I would like to see some further information: Is every page request checked or only once per session, which would prove not such a good solution for those robots, which request a page again and again per session...

Best regards,
Owner's reply

Hi Kelley,

Many thanks for providing such useful suggestions on the plugin. We shall definitely implement these in near future and update you once done.


bykelley1995, December 6, 2010
Facebook Social Comments
I like the plugin. It works well and does the job, which it is supposed to do. The plugin opens the comment box directly under the article (therefore enter one or two paragraphs to have a little space under it).

The developer is very responsive and helpful and has just informed me that there is a challenge with the Opera browser and Facebook. The plugin works well with all the other browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

bykelley1995, June 24, 2010
I have installed this great tool in my Joomla environment and as a stand alone application, which works perfectly well in both versions.

This is really a great tool, which should be included in each Joomla installation.

Thanks, Kelley
bykelley1995, January 17, 2010
CSS Gallery
I have installed it easily, it works well, I have even been able to publish it in a module position (caching disabled) and the developer was very kind to answer one question I had. The developer has another similar plugin and I like this one, as it has a nice roll over effect.
Best regards,

I have installed the component/plugin with ease. It was so simple and is a wonderful tool, which I like a lot. Just replacing a word or a phrase and not having to worry about editing files is very easy and time saving.

Thanks for your fast response in the forum.
Owner's reply

Wait till you start experimenting with manipulating whole html structures... you can change the output of (3rd party) extensions to your likings and not touch a single file.

bykelley1995, July 18, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I would like to comment on this plugin, which I find one of the best tools available. It works well, it is well documented and the author is very helpful and fast responding. Thanks Mike for this great plugin. Everything works well!

@davidosullivan: You may want to publish it on a content page, which you can than publish in a module (e.g. module place here). It is very simple to move it around and there is no need for a hack.