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bykellyrued, October 8, 2010
Community Builder
CB is an awesome extension with a helpful, courteous and newb-friendly team. As a pro developer, I have only rarely needed to ask for support on their forum and every time I had my issue resolved promptly and without the "you should be happy we even support this" attitude too many opernsource developers put out today. You can tell that CB Team genuinely loves opensource and "gets" why it's valuable (for them and for their users). Over the years, their documentation has improved tremendously and now subscribers can get a comprehensive, newb-friendly PDF that takes you from ZERO knowledge to a functional community site in a just a couple hours (even if you are very new to Joomla). Keep up the good work CB team!
bykellyrued, October 8, 2010
User Extended Fields for K2
As long as you understand how to use K2, adding this plugin is easy and works as expected. You can use this for so many things, and it is very easy to customize the css presentation on the front-end while adding unlimited fields and extra information to your user pages. Great for staff bios, community sites, classified ads/listings, and many types of directories. Using this extension, K2 is almost a complete substitute for older directory components like Sobi.
bykellyrued, March 30, 2010
I bought BreezingForms because I was on an extremely tight deadline for an event site with a lot of extension integration and content creation. I wanted to cut every corner possible to get feature-complete ASAP so I found a form creation tool to streamline completion of custom forms and setting up the backend administration of the records.

From the moment I installed the component, something was not right in the back-end administration area. I had a feeling it was a conflict with some of the many extensions (or my theme) so I did some troubleshooting all day on a Friday, finally giving in and filing a support ticket Friday night. I didn't really expect a reply because it was the weekend but to my surprise they got back to me right away and were willing to help me fix my issue even though it was the weekend and well after business hours.

I have graphics software I've paid thousands of dollars for that doesn't even have customer support available evenings or weekends, yet here was this little affordable Joomla component getting back to me right away (the developer themselves, not some customer service person who can't help fix it either!) and truth be told, the problem was not even theirs! It was a conflict with a Rocket Theme component called rokcandy which does not play nice without some changes to the default settings. ;)

I was very impressed with the product and support for BreezingForms and would suggest it to anybody who wants to create good-looking forms FAST.