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bykenlyle, February 25, 2012
Store for K2
Like the others...good extension with great support. Ramesh is a major asset to the community.
If you already use K2, an no brainer. Just add products, then the products will display in a K2 Content module. I bought the Paypal payment plugin.
For some reason, one of my products did not work at first. Ramesh provided quick support, and the problem mysteriously cleared.
A couple of little issues: Only one shipping method, the default Add to Carti is an ugly red, the CSS needs tweaking.
Overall, though, given how tough e-commerce can be to get right, this is good stuff, and I understand that new shipping methods are coming.
Owner's reply

Thank you

bykenlyle, December 29, 2011
I've been working with Joomla! for years, but never multi-language like Joomfish, only gTranslate. Multi-lang is inherently complex. The first thing to decide is whether you want automated or manual translation. Joomfish and Falang are for manual translation.
This seems to be a one person effort, and Stephane is doing a great job. As others have noted, he's very responsive to support requests, and building up a FAQ.
The documentation is a work in progress. It sounds like the Joomfish docs should be helpful, because Falang is strongly patterned after Joomfish, but I did not find those docs helpful, I think because the differences between 1.5 and 1.7 multi-lang made it confusing for me.
So, after a little struggle, I have Falang working on a test site. It appears to me that:
-You have to install the Joomla lang packs for your target languages
-You have to make multiple menu items and associate them under Association in the parameters, so that Joomla knows that they are equivalent
Then, you can use Falang to track the completion of your translations, which are missing, and once they are no longer missing, which are good enough to be published.
A stable version is expected very soon.
I am also expecting to start a project which will make it easier to use automated translations as as starting point for the Falang multi-lang versions of articles.
bykenlyle, May 8, 2011
Social Slider
Did not work as auto-magically for me as for the other reviewers. I was using a T3 based template, and what finally worked for me was to put "social" into the position combo for the module and then a jdoc include of that position in the layouts/default.php of the template.
bykenlyle, February 7, 2011
Import for K2
I had used another component to import article text, but had problems getting the images to come in. Now that 0.7RC does overwrite/update by ID, it was super easy to do an import that only updated the image data for those specific records.

I am using Access to do ODBC queries from a Drupal database, 4 table joins with multiple conditions, and a few functions to convert datestamps and other fun, pumping CSVs through this tool- works great! If I am not perfectly clear, this can be a very handy tool for doing Drupal to Joomla conversions ;)
bykenlyle, January 16, 2011
Ninjamonials made it easy for me to insert testimonials from a static HTML site into my database. The included CSS styles provide a jumpstart for styling the display. The rotator module is very handy for displaying, including frontend submission of (initially unpublished) testimonials. Audio and video and avatars are supported, too. Support is excellent. At my request, the team is developing a plugin to allow testimonials to be inserted in content.
bykenlyle, January 5, 2011
Installs instantly, works great.

Google CSS at 12 px text on the "credits" link is too big. Set it to 10 with !important will solve it.
bykenlyle, December 26, 2010
Captify Content
This is a very handy extension, one I have used on several sites.

It's an easy way to create an elegant grid of images with rollover effects.

K2 compatible, so even allows drawing those images from K2 item images, creating a navigational system, too.

The team renders excellent suport as well.
bykenlyle, October 26, 2010
Worked great, no errors.

Smart, and a good example for Joomla - using the excellent work on mtwMigrator as a base. Beats re-inventing the wheel. I used mtw a bunch of times, and it's great.

I emailed from the authors' site via Contact Us and received a speedy reply.

I made a couple of suggestions about assigning categories and putting the articles into introtext rather than fulltext to provide more immediate success.

I guess it requires a little, tiny bit of literacy about database connections...sorry for the noobs. But most of it can be found in the config files of WP. OR, you could move the db to the "localhost", and install it using PHPMyAdmin or some other tool. That would avoid needing to know the remote db credentials, at least.

For those who understand, support these people, because next thing they do might be a D****** importer :)

I would give it a 4, normally, but based on support, history (mtw), and potential as a multi-spoke importer for J!, a 5 seems right.
bykenlyle, October 21, 2010
A boatload of functionality. Nametags on images, integrated with CB - Wow. By integrating with CB, JComment, JomComment, and many others, JoomGallery itself becomes part of the Who's Who of Joomla Extensions, a Must Have if you Must Have a gallery.

The autoupdate function worked for the module and plugin, but not for the component - likely an issue with my server. Kudos to the team for this functionality.

Don't forget to donate- Even free beer must be purchased or brewed.
bykenlyle, September 16, 2010
Works as advertised.

Be aware that you can't just rush over to MailChimp and see the new subscriber. MailChimp now sends out a confirmation email. Took about 15 minutes in my test.
Owner's reply

Hi kenlyle,

We're glad you agree!

Bear in mind the confirmation email is a default security measure MailChimp has to ensure new subscribers are indeed of humanoid form.

bykenlyle, August 20, 2010
MailChimp integration for Joomla!
I was an early beta subscriber to Joomailer, because it was a simplification for my clients. And I pushed for the MailChimp integration. Now, it's a complete solution, from the registration to list plugin that traps core, CB, and JomSocial registrations, to the ability to easily include Joomla content in newsletters. And the free MailChimp account helps smaller clients get started at no cost. This is the kind of solution that will keep Joomla ahead of the CMS pack.
bykenlyle, July 26, 2010
Content Uploader Pro
The Content Uploader is like cash in your pocket. Time is money, and making it easier to build Joomla sites is like a printing press.

Even my novice users understand spreadsheets. They LOVE Content Uploader Pro, and giving them a quick way to create content makes them very happy, which is good for business.

If you are moving a site, use any of the many data extraction programs to grab the contents of the existing site, and load it into Joomla almost instantly.

Whether you are building for yourself or clients, you'll want to send the author gifts- Highly recommended.
bykenlyle, January 23, 2010
I found the free version, MailForms, to be very easy and to work well. One feature I missed in that version was being able to use separate templates in a Form, like Basic Contact Info. I like having this feature in the Pro version.

Being able to capture data to the database is great, as is having 5 different CAPTCHAs, including Mathematical, which is my favorite.

Price is low, flexibility is high, and support is excellent. I was even fortunate enough to get a very fast fix on a weekend, but they are not usually working...

Much easier to use than prior forms components I have tried.

bykenlyle, May 10, 2009
Event Registration Pro
I am blown away. I was using a far inferior combination of two far inferior components. No more. I can't go back. Thanks for saving me from that nightmare.

I have used DT Register extensively for the past year or so, and it has not been fun...only for lack of other options in a calendar/registration system. I lost almost a whole day when DTR released a bad update, and I was overly trusting.
There are inherent problems with using two fragile components together anyway.

I was just read with care the JCalPro site, regarding their new I'll Be There, and there are only the vaguest plans for the two to be integrated.

JHRSVP seems to be in perpetual beta.

So, I would tend to give RegPro a "very good". But because nobody else, as far as I can tell based on substantial experience, delivers the breadth of functionality with high quality implementation, I have to consider it "Excellent".

Yeah, wouldn't it be great if everything were free? I don't have any problem with the price, because I bought a bunch of licenses when Joomla Showroom was having a sale. I find the Support to be very responsive. I love the couponing, the multiple pricing options, and the add-on options. I am going to be sticking with RegPro. In fact if someone is selling event tickets, and can't afford $100 or so, I am going to take a pass on the RegPro is helping me select better clients. Gotta love it!
bykenlyle, November 4, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
I started by copying in the sample code in the listing in to a Contact. Use the hack instructions at

Then, all you have to do is put your API key into the Plugin, and it should work, you'll have a map of Europe.

From there on, in 1.5, you can just remove all the parameters, and configure it from the back end without hacking code.

Very cool. Must have, I think...