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bykennibc, May 14, 2012
Event Booking
We had a project that had a VERY tight deadline and we had tried several event booking plugins - both paid and free - and Event booking was the one with the most features and the most clearly thought out administration for events.
With the ease of use, I was able to add ~ 200 events in a very short amount of time. The plugin is not only intuitive on the admin side, the front-end display of events is also beautiful and well thought out.

Thank you for this very nice plugin!
bykennibc, April 30, 2012
Mail In Vote
I was just looking for a new plugin for creating simple polls and I found this plugin. It installs easily and works flawlessly. I plan to utilize this plugin for quick and easy polling of staff in an educational organization. This will also be very useful once the professional version is released and you can get more detailed tracking reports as an export. The one thing I really like about this plugin that really makes it stand out is that the poll is emailed to the user. This is much better than relying on them visiting a page to take a poll. This is a great plugin with a very simple and easy to use backend. It has a smooth setup which guides the admin through the process in a very clear and organized manner. Great Work!
bykennibc, January 23, 2012
J2XML Importer
Great plugin! Highly Recommended. I moved one 1.5 website to 1.7 and it took several weeks to copy/paste each article etc. With this plugin I was done in a day.
bykennibc, December 17, 2009
I don't have Joomla setup yet for my moodle install but I am very pleased to see this plugin. Please continue to develop it!!!