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bykennysteve, September 16, 2014
This is an excellent component that does exactly what it says. Easy to install and configure and it works immediately. Great thanks to the developer for brilliantly simplifying the online booking approach. A major limitation I've observed is that it has no access group permission setting.
bykennysteve, September 30, 2013
Core Design Photo Contest
I needed to have a photo contest on my website and after a thorough search through the JED and many forums, I discovered that most of the extensions that claim to have the capability only have photo rating feature. Also, majority of them have many unnecessary features beyond what a photo contest needs. I decided to pay a token to download this extension and it gave me a superb experience. I am very glad I did. The developer perfectly understands what a photo contest should be. Also, it is very light but works wonders. Moderation is very simple. There was a little jQuery conflicts with my template (I know next to nothing about jQuery) but the developer was always ready to help and all issues resolved within few minutes. It deserves 5 stars.

bykennysteve, September 29, 2013
jQuery Easy
Going by the excellent ratings and applause received from everyone who have posted a comment on this extension, I was convinced it could help me but I needed to use the forum only to discover that only paid subscribers could post in the forum. I guess the developer recently resorted to that. So the position now is that it is not completely free for those who do not have advanced knowledge of jQuery as MOST of its settings on Joomla backend are even tagged as "Expert Users Only".
Owner's reply

With the amount of cases I am asked to look at on a regular basis and the increasing amount of spam floading the forum, I could no longer afford to keep support free for everyone.
The forum is FREE TO CONSULT and a lot of cases have been solved and reported in it. Most chances are you will find answers or hints on how to fix issues you may have.
Yes, this extension has helped thousands of users (experimented or not). Articles and documents are also available on the extension's website to help in understanding how to fix issues (and explain those EXPERT parameters). For advanced support, the small contribution is really not an unfair price to pay.

bykennysteve, September 28, 2013
I have used this extension for more than one year but something just dropped it in my heart that I was owing the developer so much. I needed a system that would display module based on the logged-in CB user. When I first saw metamod, I did not believe it could do even much more than I conceived. I believe this extension could even be creatively used to achieve what the developer did not have in mind. I wanted a rating higher than EXCELLENT but I didn't see so I had to choose it. Thanks to the developer!
Mosets Greek Alpha Index
I wonder how the only reviewer got how to use this extension. No proper installation file but just one folder meant to be copied into Joomla Components folder and they call this a Plugin, funny though! As at the time of this review, there is NO guide on how to use the so-called plugin on your website. I see this as a junk in the Joomla Extension Directory. Owner please regularize.
Owner's reply

Hello Kennysteve,

Thank you very much for your review.

1) You've right. This is not a plugin, it's some files that users have to overwrite the core files of mtree's template. But in jext there isn't any option to publish folder or files so I called this files as a plugin.

2) If you extract the zip file, you will find a documentation inside. There is a "readme.txt" file that describes how you can use this.

3) This is free, for greek people and they knows how to use it, so, where is the problem? Have you use this extension or you want to destroy the image of this extension? I don't think that you are from Greece and you have used this (plugin).

bykennysteve, December 11, 2012
You guys have done a great job putting this stuff together. It's such an awesome extension that one would not believe it's free. I gave this extension 5 stars even though there's a 'but'. The "but" is the unsolicited emails sent to event attendees by EventBrite apart from the registration confirmation. Many clients don's like this...
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for your kind words. About "but"... just to make it clear, Combrite don't send any emails. If some email is sent, it's EventBrite, not Combrite.

bykennysteve, February 23, 2012
OSE Webmail™ Client for Joomla!
I firmly believe this extension would be useful for me. I've tried many times to get it but the message I always get is that it is not available for people from my current location. I'm in Nigeria. How can I get this extension?
Owner's reply

Hi kenny
I think you mean you cannot pay for it through Paypal? If so, could you please contact our support desk at: Our staff will assist you in purchasing the extension as soon as possible.
Best regards
OSE team

bykennysteve, October 23, 2011
Akeeba Backup
I found Akeeba Backup three years ago but I never downloaded it because I didn't want any extension that could destroy my work. Now I realize I was missing a core part of Joomla!. Yesterday I had a big problem transferring my first Joomla 1.7 site to a live server using the usual manual method so I decided to give this extension a trial. Surprisingly, Akeeba Backup rescued me. It is just as wonderful as Joomla! itself. If you love Joomla!, you will love Akeeba Backup... Trust me
bykennysteve, April 14, 2011
I've worked with Joomla for over two years but unfortunately, I have never posted a review on any extension. I felt I had to do this because even some extensions that are not as useful as this go for a fee. This extension is very effective and easy to use. I first used 'wdownload' but it was messing up in firefox so another search led me to this one. It's awesome. Thanks to the developers and more power to their elbows.